The 22 Most Effective and Powerful Architecture Logos

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Creating architecture logos is a lot like designing buildings; just like you map out an initial design, the ideal logo should combine functionality, aesthetics, and innovation. In other words, the perfect logo should be bold and creative, while at the same time setting the tone for your brand.

Most modern logos in architecture are moving away from the use of classic images of houses, drawing instruments, and vertical lines. Instead, they rely more on simple, clean, and daring designs to display their brand identity.

Since visuals are always more effective than words – just think about how recognizable the logos of powerful companies are. With that, and the above, in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best architecture logos out there that will hopefully inspire you to make your own.

1. Planned Living Architects

An Australian-based architectural studio, Planned Living Architects, combines the uniqueness of a construction site with the beauty and functionality of the design.

The new logo design of the company is a simple logotype and acronym, symbolizing the studio’s focus on end-users and practical design. The use of gaps between the letters conveys both a sense of economy and generosity for space, perfectly aligning this architecture logo with the company’s core values of merging building design with the natural environment. What’s more, its dynamic rollover feature represents the use of fluidity and movement in PLA’s design style.

PLA’s logo is beautiful, simple, and to the point; proof that there is no need for fancy embellishments and gratuitous elements to create a stunning logo.

2. Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM)

som logo

An architectural and engineering company founded in 1936, SOM is behind the design of some of the most technically and environmentally advanced buildings and public spaces in the world. This top architecture firm’s logo uses a thin sans serif typeface and lively red color on an all-white background. It is simple, yet easily recognizable and memorable, but above all, it is confident and daring. The very fact that it does not use any images or text, other than the company’s initials, is a symbol of the brand’s assertiveness — anyone who matters will instantly recognize the logo and what it stands for.

It may not be a concept everyone can get away with, yet when brand recognition and architecture logos are concerned, SOM knows what’s up. After all, clients want a firm that is confident enough not to shy away from a challenge.

3. Zaha Hadid Architects


Also known as architecture’s “Queen of the Curve,” it is quite understandable as to why Zaha Hadid and her brand opted for curved lettering in the company’s logo. Like other world-famous architecture firms, this logo does not employ images that one would associate with design and construction.

Nevertheless, the use of metallic letters in this famous architect’s logo against a swirling black and grey background is immediately associated with Hadid’s trademark style and work. Known for her use of dynamic, fluid structures and geometric shapes, as well as her preference for industrial materials, Zaha Hadid’s logo design perfectly embodies the firm’s identity and approach to architectural design.

4. Bjarke Ingels Group


The Bjarke Ingels Group, founded by world-renowned architect Bjarke Ingels, uses a bitmap-graphic logo that matches their bitmap-graphic website. Although it is rare to see a blast from the past in architectural firm logos, the BIG logo fully represents the company’s practices.

BIG believes in a return to the utilitarian form of architecture, one that incorporates the practical and conventional requirements of buildings, and the blocky, retro style of the logo symbolizes just that. The logo is well-executed, and although not overly creative, it certainly makes a statement.

5. Ferguson Works


Ferguson Works is a company that specializes in the design of lighting fixtures for commercial and residential buildings. This interior architecture firm’s logo incorporates the brand’s initials with lines under the “W” pointing to the company’s focus on technical lighting design.

The logo is substantial, and the lack of slants and ellipse shapes highlights the company’s reliability and trustworthiness, while the white and grey design stands for the high-end services the company provides. It is also minimalistic and straightforward to show that the brand’s primary focus is on efficient and functional interior design.

6. MOAA Architects

Rebranding in 2017, this New Zealand company added a touch of sunshine yellow to its new architecture firm logo, showing just how much a difference a splash of color can make.

MOAA Architects have used initials before, but with their new logo, they went a step beyond simple block lettering. The use of a grid-based system of stacked letters that can be rotated vertically and horizontally, expresses the company’s playfulness, variety, and innovation. This fluidity represented by the changing forms, and the color combo of bright yellow and cool grey, makes MOAA Architects’ logo both extraordinarily memorable and unique.

7. Interior Architects


But another example of an interior design logo that is uncomplicated, yet striking and impactful. Interior Architects is an architecture firm that focuses on creating functional working and living environments in which people can thrive. Interior Architects, a company with offices across the nation, including Canada, uses a simplistic logo consisting of the brand’s initials and the company’s name in sleek lettering to denote the firm’s dedication to integrity, sustainability, and down-to-earth, unpretentious design.

Easily recognizable and memorable, this architecture logo is also simple enough to be included on all mediums, such as promotional material, digital content, and other branded marketing items.

8. Kristin Jarmund Architects

This Oslo-based architecture studio prides itself on offering solutions that simplify complex issues while retaining human sensitivity and contextual awareness. Created by Scandinavian design agency Snøhetta, Kristin Jarmund Architects’ logo perfectly reflects the firm’s philosophical practices.

A monogram that is more than just initials due to the arrangement, the eye-catching use of the deep blue color and the combination of angular cuts and soft corners put this architect logo on the list of some of the best logo designs in recent years.

9. Snøhetta


In addition to designing logos for others, Snøhetta has a pretty impressive logo itself. Named after the tallest mountain in Norway, this firm utilizes a mountainous logo shape to denote the connection and influence of the landscape (and the natural elements) on their work. It may not scream architecture, but it is powerful in its own way. Snøhetta’s logo incorporates one of the underlying architecture logo ideas — that sometimes less is more when it comes to making a memorable impression.

10. Priest Drafting


Priest Drafting’s logo design is an excellent example of how visuals can give customers an idea of what field of architecture the firm operates in. This company provides prebid drawings, layout design, and planning assistance, and their logo flawlessly reflects its services.

The design shows an image of a house and thick vertical lines; two classic elements in architecture firm logos. But there are other components too. Dim lines are used throughout the logo to signify a project in the drafting stage and highlight the niche the company serves. The use of blue in the design also helps create a sense of stability and trust, qualities all clients look for in an architectural company.

11. Distinctive Design Studio


Including an image of a building into a logo design of an architectural firm may seem lazy and not particularly innovative, but in the case of Distinctive Design Studio, using a house as one of the architecture logo images seems to fit in rather well. The icon clearly shows that this is a company offering architectural services, while the name of the firm next to the image, denoted in bright white and green letters, seems to suggest longevity, quality craftsmanship, and versatility. Also, the prevalence of green in the logo emphasizes the company’s commitment to an environmentally-friendly design.

12. Nest Home Plans

If you are looking for a different approach and need some architecture logo inspiration, check out this design for Nest Home Plans. This is a company that focuses on providing accessibility in homes where people can retire and grow old.

In their logo design, they decided on using an image of a bird, rather than any symbol directly associated with architecture. The symbol and the name of the company show the firm is dedicated to making a “nest” for people; a place where they can be comfortable. This, combined with the stylish logotype, is an effective example of how architecture companies don’t have to have a typical architect house logo to get their message across.

13. Joy Line Homes

Joy-Line-Homes logo

One of the rare logos on this list that isn’t afraid of using color is Joy Line Homes, a California company that designs and produces high-end, modern homes. The vertical orange line in place of the “I” in the company’s name gives the design an abstract and contemporary look. The choice of thin black letters against a light pink backdrop provides this architecture studio with a logo that strikes the perfect balance between masculinity and femininity, as well as a more youthful look, all the while retaining a sense of maturity and sophistication.

14. Architecture PLB


This UK company uses a gradated “A” logomark and light grey, san-serif text to unite the three-dimensional aspect of architecture with a feel of sculptural creativity. The logomark comes in various shapes, symbolizing a company that is looking at design from multiple angles and offers flexibility and innovation.

The gradients in this particular architecture firm logo also give the design some depth and structure, while the simple logotype denotes clarity and professionalism that offsets the playfulness of the logomark.

15. Andreas Martin-Löf

This company certainly got what they asked for when they commissioned the design agency, Winkreative, to create a logo that suggests both dynamism and vigor, combined with the gravitas of a well-renowned firm. The logotype is neat and straightforward, yet flexible and recognizable enough to reflect a type of elegance that never goes out of style.

Other elements that make this design one of the best architecture logos include the geometrical shapes and clear-cut lines, which communicate the basic fundamentals of architecture. Also, the use of positive and negative space highlights the modern, clean, and unique design this Swedish studio stands for.

16. Gensler

Gensler is one of the biggest US architecture companies that place emphasis on design innovation as a means of making the world a better place. It has set high goals, and its straightforward logo shows it. The selection of the bold red color scheme and font choice in this architecture firm’s logo gives this design a crisp, bold look, as well as a corporate vibe — ideal for a company of its size. Like SOM, Gensler relies on its years of experience, and its recognizable name and image, rather than incorporating icons and text in their logo that outline what the company actually does.

17. raumINDEX

Raumindex designs and develops interior and exterior environments. An Austrian-based company, they work both with national and international clients and, as such, need a logo for architecture that speaks the universal language of construction and design.

The use of geometric shapes and monolinear, uppercase logotype indicate the company’s values — accessibility and technical insight. The use of curvy lines and coloring, on the other hand, give the logo a more playful and youthful look, but without appearing too immature or childish.


Another company that focuses on innovation and creativity in its design style, ICRAVE labels itself as a hospitality design firm set on transforming ideas into practical experiences.

This architectural firm’s logo features white block letters on a black background. It is simple, yet authentic; uncomplicated, but powerful. The letter “C” is circled to express the significance of creativity to the company’s identity and vision. It is the perfect logo design for a business that is focused on encouraging new ideas and implementing them in ways that will make clients and companies connect on an emotional level.

19. Maven

To get inspiration, you don’t have to limit yourself to architecture studios alone. Feel free to get architecture logo ideas from companies that may not be directly involved in, but are still connected to, the field of architecture. Take Maven, for example; one of the top architecture recruitment agencies in the world. They may not deal with design directly, however, their strong and eye-catching logo is immediately associated with buildings and construction. This connection is mostly due to the shape and scaling of the distinctive “M” in the logo, as well as the simplicity and effectiveness of the design.

Also, its use of solid forms and a single, vibrant color make it one of the most straightforward, yet impactful architectural firm logo designs in the business.

20. Biber Architects

Another great example of an architecture firm that has opted for a simple but effective logo design is the NY-based Biber Architects — a company that has focused solely on design work for over 25 years, as opposed to some firms that are project-oriented or focus on ideology. Biber Architects has approached architecture from a utilitarian perspective, and their architecture design logo showcases just that.

The playful structure with the bolded lowercase typesetting in the logo, the use of negative space, the economy of the design — all these features are associated with the fundamental philosophies of the firm, which is an emphasis on identity, design, and authenticity.

21. Perkins Eastman


Perkins Eastman is a company focusing on sustainability and responsible environmental policies. It is also proof that you don’t have to use green architecture logos to show that you are invested in sustainable design practices. By using an intense orange color, this NYC-based architecture firm manages to step away from the cliches, use a logo that breaks the mold but still retains a conservative vibe, while also affecting people in a scientific, psychology-based way.

The long dash in the middle and the near alignment of the two lines creates a sense of symmetry. At the same time, the solid typeface in this logo enhances the feeling of reliability and stability.

22. Haverstock

harverstock logo

When Haverstock’s founding partners retired, the company wanted a new architectural logo design, one that would show the firm moving into a new era of design but still retain its core values. What the design agency responsible for the new logo has done is use horizontal and vertical lines to create an interesting play on what could easily have become just another cold geometric design.

The problem with companies operating in public sector architecture is that they either go for modernistic and impersonal designs or bright and over-the-top architectural logos. In this case, however, minimal design is combined with familiar architectural themes to create a simple, approachable, and easily-recognizable logo.

The main takeaway from the review of the best logos in architecture is that less is definitely more. A logo can include geometrical shapes, vibrant colors, or a play on a monogram, but to make it really stand out, it needs to be simple and powerful.

Now that you’ve seen what the best of the best in the business are doing with their architecture logos, you’re more than ready to create your own! Still not sure where to start? We got you covered! Our logo maker app is the easiest, simplest, and fastest way to design a logo. Try it out now and be amazed at how easily you can create a customized logo that best suits the needs and identity of your company.

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