21 Awesome DJ Logos to Get Your Ideas Flowing

A strong visual identity is one of the keys to success in the DJ world. Memorable DJ logos help audiences associate them with the artists they represent. If you’re looking for logo inspiration, you’re at the right place. We’ll show you some of the best logos that have been designed over the years, and then you can try out our logo maker to design a logo that will make your brand stand out. Here’s a list of some of the best DJ logos from the world’s most popular DJs.

1. Avicii

Avicii is known all around the world, and so is his logo. It consists of two triangles that represent the first two letters of his stage name. The EDM community is very well familiar with the meaning of his pseudonym. In Buddhism, “Avici” represents hell. It’s a place where sinners get reborn after death. Avicii added the additional “i” to his moniker because there was another Avici on MySpace, and he wanted to avoid confusion. Similarly, he created a recognizable DJ logo allowing him to connect with his fan base more easily.

2. Hardwell

Hardwell is another world-famous DJ with a very well-known logo. It’s simple, memorable, and has a fresh and modern look. The black and white design of the font makes his name almost unforgettable.

3. Martin Garrix

This is a great example of a successful logo redesign. His old logo consisted of his name written as graffiti. However, as soon as you lay eyes on his new DJ logo png, you can see why it has made such a great impact on his brand. The new black and white design looks more serious and professional and has two very distinct elements — the mathematical “+” and “x” symbols replacing the “t” and “x” in his name. This makes the logo stand out from the crowd.

4. David Guetta

Once again, we have proof that simplicity works best when it comes to famous DJ logos. David Guetta has been one of the most famous DJs in the world for a very long time and has not changed his logo in years. The angular design gives it a futuristic feel, which is accurately matching the artist’s music.

5. Axwell Λ Ingrosso

The Swedish duo hasn’t changed their logo since 2014, and we can see why. They have explained in an interview that the symbol ‘Λ’ in their DJ logo was placed there by accident. They wanted something different than the usual “&” in their stage name, and the symbol served the purpose. Later, they realized that, when they raise their hands together, it looks like the symbol Λ. Therefore, they have continued using it, and now, it represents togetherness. This is proof that some of the best DJ logos can also be created by mistake.

6. Deadmau5

Everyone knows that Deadmau5 wears a mouse mask but not to hide his identity. Namely, Joel Zimmerman, a self-declared nerd, was trying to upgrade a video card when he found a dead mouse in his computer. Consequently, he tried to change his name to “Deadmouse” in an online chat room, but it was too long, so he shortened it to Deadmau5. The Deadmau5 logo may be one of the best-known EDM DJ logos in the world. The logo represents the artist’s stage name and the mouse-shaped mask he wears during his DJ sets. The mask resembles Mickey Mouse, which led him into several disputes with Disney.

7. Infected Mushroom

The Israeli psytrance/electronica duo also has an interesting story and a logo to match. Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani, better known as Infected Mushroom, have been hardcore fans of a punk rock band of the same name. Luckily for their DJ music logo designer, the band broke up, and they got the name and the logo, which is a mushroom with the initial letters “I”  and “M.”

8. Knife Party

Another DJ duo, consisting of Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, decided to move away from their previous project “Pendulum” and distance themselves from it as much as possible. They made a new logo — perhaps with a DJ logo maker apk — that incorporates a knife because their new name was derived from a Deftones song of the same name. However, some people didn’t understand the reference and complained that their logo promoted violence and knife crime. Of course, the DJs responded that they don’t support knife crime in the same way as the Swedish House Mafia doesn’t support organized crime.

9. Afrojack-

For such a simple logo, this DJ is very interesting and well-known. Nick Leonardus van der Wall got his stage name because of his huge afro hairstyle and the fact that he enjoyed “jackin’” — a dance style associated with house music from back in the day. Despite the interesting name, Afrojack has decided on a very simple logo. It consists of his name in a clean, black, and white design that many other famous DJs use.

10. Fatboy Slim

Before he became Fatboy Slim, Norman Cook was known under the name DJ Ox. However, a new name required some new DJ logo ideas. He wanted to create the most contradictory name ever, and his logo also represents this. The logo consists of a man (probably Fatboy Slim) and his name in a graffiti style font. However, he also has an unofficial logo that was inspired by the first 12-inch single he bought — Psycho Killer by The Talking Heads — that had a picture of a smiley face. Since then, Fatboy Slim’s love for the smiley face has grown and culminated in a tattoo and a unique logo for the DJ.

11. DJ Snake-?

Continuing the trend of simple yet effective logos, DJ Snake also made it to our list. In his younger days, the French producer would draw graffiti, but would always manage to escape the authorities. He would always slither away from the police, just like a snake. That’s why he earned the nickname “Snake.” When he started DJ-ing, everyone continued calling him Snake, which is why this reptile is featured on his logo. This proves that if you want to start your own DJ company, the logo must match your character.

12. Above & Beyond

The trance trio consisting of Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness, and Paavo Siljamäki is another example of an accidental brand name. After creating a mix together, they realized they didn’t have a name. Tony McGuinness snooped around Jono’s room and saw a piece of paper printed off the internet and posted above his bed. Jono searched his own name online and found a motivational guru also named Jono Grant, whose slogan was “Above and beyond,” and so one of the more awesome DJ logos was born.

13. Daft Punk

The most iconic electronic duo of all time, consisting of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, also has one of the most recognizable logos. These masked DJs were previously in a rock band called “Darlin’,” that got a bad review in a (now discontinued) music magazine “Melody Maker.” The article labeled their music as “daft punky thrash,” so the duo used the phrase to launch their career in another direction.

They wanted to make a deejay logo that would look like one of the patches that punks used to sew on their clothes, to emphasize their anti-celebrity stance. Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo has designed the fan-favorite “punk patch logo.” The duo takes great pride in their logo and says that the logo is the real star, while they’re keeping a low profile.

14. Aphex Twin

Richard D. James is an absolute legend in the world of electronic music, and he has one of the most captivating DJ logo designs. Richard’s stage name has a somewhat emotional history. A part of it is inspired by his great love for the brand of audio processing equipment — “Apex Systems Limited,” while the other part is dedicated to his late twin brother who died at birth, and who was also named Richard.

The Aphex Twin logo is a mysterious, yet, unique and authentic symbol. Designer Paul Nicholson, one of the Aphex Twin DJ logo designers, drew the symbol by hand, using circle templates and rulers, thus making a truly remarkable design.

15. Skrillex

Sonny Moore doesn’t have an intriguing or emotional story behind his brand name. The DJ says he used his AOL screen name that doesn’t have any special meaning. However, his logo is a beautiful piece of graphic design. The logo matches his dubstep style and is a logotype of his name with a stylized “ill” part.

16. ZHU

If you take a look at the most powerful brand logos, you’ll notice they’re pretty simple. ZHU’s DJ logo pictures are considered masterpieces among famous DJs. The DJ and singer is using his own name for the logo, which is pretty straightforward given the veil of mystery that surrounds him. The DJ hides his face and asks the audience to judge him solely based on his music. He appeared first on music blogs and was only recognized through his brilliant logo. ZHU’s paint streak logo was the smartest means of connecting the audience with the brand. People may not know his face, but they certainly know his DJ pictures and logos.

17. Tiësto

Our brains process visual images over sixty thousand times faster than words. Imagine what our brains do with a logo such as Tiesto’s. Named the best DJ of all time by the music magazine Mix, Tijs Verwest has been a DJ for a couple of decades. His “bird logo” is very well-known in the world of electronic music and is a symbol representing himself and his music. Tiësto encourages his fans to be creative with his logo and personalize it, whether in the form of a tattoo, T-shirt, or a drawing. Recently, the artist has created a new DJ logo, without the image of a bird.


There is something to be said about the effect black and white logos have on people. They are clean, direct, no-nonsense. Still, it’s pretty refreshing that NERVO added a lot of colour and pizazz to their logo. Twin sisters from Australia — Olivia and Miriam Nervo — have created a brand out of their last name. The DJ duo is famous around the world, and so is the NERVO logo. It was designed by A. Karime Castro Andraca, and it represents the twin sisters.

19. Aly & Fila

This trance duo from Egypt has a very interesting logo. The lifelong friends have made a career in music, and they definitely surpassed most DJ logos and images in terms of creativity. Namely, the logo consists of their names written in the style of traditional Egyptian calligraphy.

20. Nicky Romero

Nicky Romero is another world-famous DJ with a fantastic logo. Even though Nicky’s logo represents only his name, it’s designed in an angular, futuristic fashion. Electronic music has a reputation for creating a futuristic environment for its listeners, and this DJ’s logo translates exactly that. The sharp angles of the black and white letters associate darkness and lasers from night clubs, making this DJ producer logo quite memorable.

21. Kygo

Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll, a Norwegian DJ and producer, has taken the first two letters of his first and last names and created the stage name Kygo, for which he is famous around the world. His logo is a combination of his stage name and the typographic mark “※” used in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Historically, the symbol was used to mark an important idea or a sentence, just like the asterisk in English. We suppose that Kygo uses this EDM DJ logo to show off his creativity.


DJs have always been and will always be the coolest of the musicians, and their logos are here to prove that. Whether they have an angular, futuristic, street style, or colorful design, the most famous DJs’ logos have the power to remind us of these brilliant artists at just a glance. As we have seen from this list of the finest DJ logos, the best ones are always simple but stylish, ranging from fun, tropical colors to the elegance of black and white. All of these logos guarantee that, when people see them, they’ll think of fun, music, and their favorite artists.

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