The Best Esports Logos: 20 Professional Logos to Inspire You

Esports Logos

People are slowly but surely starting to appreciate esports in the western world. Compared to “regular“ sports, there has been very little respect, influence, and of course, money, directed to this field. But, as we’ve mentioned, things are starting to change.

Teams and organizations are becoming more professional, the field is becoming more organized, and branding is strongly developed. And that final point is the focus of today’s article.

A strong part of branding is getting a gaming logo for your unit, and developing your identity as a team. The list below has, in no particular order, twenty of the best pro esports logos, used by teams and organizations around the globe.

We went into what makes them so good, and we hope that these will inspire you to create your own unique symbols for your team/organization. 

1. Echo Fox 

Echo Fox logo

First on our list of cool gaming logos is none other than Echo Fox. A now-defunct esports organization founded by basketball player, Rick Fox, it participated in competitions across multiple games like Madden NFL 19, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter V, and Call of Duty (among others).

The logo is minimalistic and simplistic, with a fox as its centerpiece. It’s fluid, cute, eye-catching, and instantly recognizable by people in the industry. It incorporates only three colors — orange, black, and white, with the white outlining the entire image.

2. Cloud 9 

Cloud 9 logo

Their gamer logo is pretty straightforward; it has a neat logomark which is usually accompanied by the “CLOUD 9” logotype as well. Nevertheless, the symbol itself is interesting, being the same color as the nine in the name.

Furthermore, the three number nines compose a blue cloud shape, further cementing their image and uniqueness. The color blue in this logo is both soothing and energizing, according to color psychology.

Formed in 2013, Cloud 9 is one of the more famous organizations. Their Heroes of the Storm team won the 2015 Championship series, and their CS: GO team had plenty of success at the Counter-Strike Global Offensive Majors in 2018.

3. Natus Vincere 

Natus Vincere logo

This is one of the more industrial-looking gamer logos. It has “Natus Vincere” (born to win in Latin) inscribed at the bottom, as well as stylized and overlapping NAVI letters taking center stage, making up roughly 80% of the logo. The yellow letters are contrasted with the color black, giving it a neat industrial vibe.

Also known as Na’Vi, this organization comes from Ukraine. Founded in 2009, its teams and players compete in CS: GO, Dota, League of Legends, and Apex Legends, among other games. Their Counter-Strike team won three premier tournaments in 2010, bringing them a great deal of renown and success.

4. Odium 

Odium logo

For some, it might be one of the slightly edgier, cool gaming logos, but we believe it isn’t that over the top. It’s composed of a hooded black and white figure with aggressive-looking eyes that stare directly into your soul.

Jokes aside, Odium isn’t really the best team/organization on the list. After several rather poor showings during the 2018/2019 Dota 2 season, they soon disbanded. Nevertheless, their gaming logo is still pretty cool. 

 5. Gorillaz-Pride 

Gorillaz-Pride logo

Gorillaz-Pride is a Dota 2 team coming from Peru (which, incidentally, doesn’t have gorillas). With great results, getting 1st or 2nd place throughout the 2018 seasons (but going a bit slow in 2019), they are a team to be reckoned with. And their epic logo is a testament to that.

Gorillaz-Pride gaming team logo depicts a muscle-bound, aggressive gorilla, both holding and cracking their G-Pride logo. It’s rather intimidating, with the gorilla’s red eyes staring directly at the onlooker. The gorilla itself is black, with a red outline.

6. Houston Outlaws 

Houston Outlaws logo

This logo consists of two black, parallel pistols pointing downwards. The ends of their grips curve upwards in a green pointy shape, depicting horns. The entire logo looks like a bull’s skull, with a green start above the two guns.

As far as gaming is concerned, the Houston Outlaws specialize in Overwatch. What’s more, their logo is one of the best gaming logo designs on the list (if not the best). It demonstrates a great deal of pride for their home state, whilst also being rather unique at the same time.

7. Fnatic 

Fnatic logo

This organization does not have a typical gamer logo. Rather, its logo is a monogram that incorporates all the letters that make up the term Fnatic in deep orange color. 

Fnatic is one of the older esports organizations out there. Founded in 2004, it has teams playing Apex Legends, CS: GO, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, Rainbow Six Siege, among other games.

What really makes it stand out, apart from its age, is that Fnatic’s Counter-Strike team won three Global Offensive Majors, as well as a variety of other tournaments, and is seen as one of the best teams in the world. 

8. Team Queso 

Team Queso logo

Team Queso doesn’t only have one of the more unique gaming team logos, it also has competitors in one of the stranger mixes of games. Playing Fortnite and CS: GO, Clash Royale, and Rainbow Six, rarely do you have teams that play both “regular” shooters and mobile games.

It can work as a logo for an organization, as a YouTube logo, or simply a badge of honor carried by a great esports team.

Their logo is both interesting and imaginative, being pretty badass and pretty funny at the same time.  This Spanish team has a kind of menacing faceplate made from cheese that seems to have had a part of it chewed off.

9. Swole Patrol 

Swole Patrol logo

Next in line is a rather interesting gaming logo design example. The Swole Patrol’s logo has a pretty swole man, showing just how tough these gamers can be (or imagine themselves being, anyway). Swole Patrol is a team specializing in CS: GO and CS: Source, and are not tied to any organization.

The designated Swole Patroller on their logo is a large man of African descent, with a burly beard and black sunglasses.

10. Duza Gaming 

Duza Gaming logo

Duza was a Russian Dota team that disbanded somewhere during 2015. While they really didn’t achieve much as a professional team, they did have one of the best gaming logos around.

The logo itself is made from varying shades of green that actually don’t clash or overlap. It depicts Medusa, the Greek monster of myth (a gorgon), that seems to be holding the team’s name in front of her.

11. Winstrike Team 

Winstrike Team logo

Next on the list is the Winstrike Team, hailing from Russia. While Winstrike teams play Fortnite, CS: GO, PUBG, FIFA, and Overwatch, they achieved the most success in Dota2, wining the 2018 International CIS Qualifier, and the Bucharest Minor CIS qualifier.

Their logo is a prime example of retro gaming logo ideas, with that raygun-gothic-styled rocket above a futuristic, military sci-fi badge. Perfection. The lines are clean, with bold, strong lettering and splashes of purple on the rocket and the “team” tag, giving it some extra power.

12. Orgless and Hungry 

Orgless and Hungry logo

One of the quirkier cool gamer logos, for sure, Orgless and Hungry’s logo is a bowl of ramen, where the noodles spell out their name. It has a very rough, cartoonish, and uneven style, which was what they were going for.  

Orgless and Hungry is a Swedish team that got great results during the 2018 Europe and Overwatch Contenders Trials. And while they haven’t achieved any amazing results since then, they still have an extremely memorable logo.

13. Unicorns of Love 

Unicorns of Love logo

Yup, Unicorns of love; you heard that one right. These guys are confident in their skills and masculinity, and there is nothing wrong about that. Theirs is one of the stranger gaming logos, with a pink unicorn taking center stage.

However, this horned equine is also one of the toughest, aggressive unicorns you can find. The lines are clear, yet not over-the-top. The name of their team is right there in the center, and the colors are bold and clear, without being too flashy. And yes, it is, actually, pink.

14. Last Night’s Leftovers 

Last Night’s Leftovers logo

A US Overwatch team, with a great logo, but with relatively inconsistent results. These guys had amazing, dominating results on some tournaments while being dead last during others. Though, what they have had consistently going for them is their logo.

Another quirky, food-themed gamer team logo. In short, it’s a hot dog with toothpaste on it (for some reason). It has primarily warm colors, with the toothpaste being bright blue, red, and white to add some contrast.

15. Incognito 

Incognito logo

Incognito is a now-disbanded team, but with an excellent logo. It’s, in fact, a great source of gaming logos ideas when it comes to creating something intimidating without necessarily using a scary or creepy image.

Here we have a strong mix of black and dark red and a figure staring right at the onlooker. A lot is conveyed through the anonymity of the figure, and the color palate.

16. Elevate 

Elevate logo

Elevate is all about shooters. This organization has teams playing Battlefield, Call of Duty, World of Tanks, and Halo. Their logo is pretty attention-grabbing, using both red and black.

The mountain, which is at the center, really makes it stand out, as does the unique typography. Like many popular brand logos, its simple, yet striking. In fact, of all the gaming logos on this list, this one has the best combination of art and lettering. 

17. Team Liquid 

Team Liquid logo

Another old organization, Team Liquid was founded way back in 2000. However, it was not until 2012 that they got their first foray into professional esports, with players focusing on StarCraft. Since then, they have had great success in Dota 2, League of Legends, and CS: GO.

This is one logo for gaming teams and organizations that looks really old-school, with a powerful warhorse placed over a shield. The logo itself is made from negative space and a deep, dark shade of blue. In fact, it can work pretty well as a “regular” sports team logo, it has such a strong evergreen presence.

18. LDLC 

LDLC logo

A French organiczation based in Lyon that competes in Counter-Strike: Source and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. They got their name from their sponsors, a French electronics store.

They are symbolized by a wolf staring menacingly into the distance, with a circle around it. The entire logo is composed of one simple blue line. This cool gamer logo can stand for any sports team pretty much, electronic or otherwise.

19. Team Envy 

Team Envy logo

Also known as the “Boys in Blue,” Team Envy is an American organization that had solid success in Call of Duty. Their logo is a simple and stern no-nonsense circle containing, in its middle, a stylized NV (which is how they abbreviate their name).

 20. Astralis 

Astralis logo

Astralis is a Danish organization, with a focus on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In fact, their CS: GO team was named Esports Team of the Year during the 2018 Esports Awards.

Their gaming logo is a fantastic example of an abstract and ultra-simple style that just pops. It’s fierce, aggressive, and highly memorable.


The main takeaway from this article should be just how varied these kinds of logos can be. We hope that you understand how much freedom your gaming logo can have, and to what degree you can experiment with it.

With our logo app you can use the above-mentioned professional symbols as inspiration and create something unique and reflective of your team’s personality and style.

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