Finding the Right Gaming Logo: 20 Logos to Inspire You

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The gaming and esports industries have come a long way since their humble beginnings. Right now, some esports match, or even surpass, many standard sports in popularity. The esports industry is finally being treated with the respect it deserves.

Many famous brands are investing in esports, which are slowly becoming mainstream. Gaming brands are developing too, and each of them now has a gaming logo as well. Incidentally, that’s our main topic for today. So, if you’re interested in reading more about the logos of various esports organizations, teams, and gaming companies, you’re in the right place!

What’s more, you’ll get to see some of the best logos out there to find that sweet inspiration for your own. Also, we’ll provide you with all the necessary backstory and really go in-depth on what makes these logos stand out.

So, without further ado, let’s dig right in!

The Top 7 Gaming Team Logos

1. Astralis

Astralis logo

Astralis is a Danish CS: GO powerhouse that dominated this esport throughout their career (2016–present). Their most noticeable results were in 2018 when they had a hot streak of 31 LAN wins in a row, including major tournaments, earning millions of dollars in prize money. 

They were only second to the NiP all-star CS: GO team at the top of their form. This esports team has one of the more straightforward gaming logos, yet it’s stylish, vibrant, and recognizable.

2. Ninjas in Pajamas 

Ninjas In Pajamas logo

NiP is a legendary Swedish esports organization that has existed for two decades now. They are also most known for Counter-Strike, and its sequel title CS: GO. With the likes of f0rest and Get_RiGht, their CS: GO team managed to win 87 consecutive maps in a row and thus make it into the history books.

Ninjas in Pajamas also have a rich history in LoL, Rainbow 6, Dota 2, and they even signed a brand new Valorant team. As for the design itself, they have a clean gaming logo. It is simplistic, with a cool black background and a unique shape (possibly representing team members hyping each other before the match), which makes it stand out.

3. 100 Thieves

100 Thieves logo

100 Thieves is a relatively new American gaming organization (created in 2017). Founded by former Call of Duty pro, Nadeshot, and the owner of Cleveland Cavaliers, Dan Gilbert, the organization became a hot asset fairly quickly. Even the famous rapper Drake invested in it! 

We promise it’s a coincidence, but this organization also had the most success in CS: GO. It also has a Fortnite, LoL, and Valorant teams. Their cool gaming logo looks like modern graffiti. It is urban, appealing, and distinguishable.

4. Cloud 9

Cloud 9 logo

Cloud 9 is a gaming organization that became famous thanks to its LoL team in 2013. It soon developed into a dominant franchise, expanding to another MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, and CS: GO. Cloud 9 was always at the top of the North American ladder in all of these games. 

They won first place in a 2018 CS: GO major (the only US team to achieve that), and their HOTS team won the 2015 world championship.

The C9 gaming team logo is a creative piece of art, the three nines that form a cloud, and a cloud nine logotype below it. 

5. TSM

TSM logo

Team SoloMid is yet another successful US gaming organization that started with League of Legends. The controversial League player Reginald later branched out the organization, which spread into PUBG, Fortnite, Rainbow 6 Siege, CS: GO, and now, Valorant.

TSM made it into our cool gaming logos list due to its classic, black and white design that somehow remains innovative and exciting albeit lacking any other colors. Also, an untrained eye could easily miss the letter “T” in the middle, arching above the ”S” and the “M” encircling it.

6. Faze Clan

Fazeclan logo

Faze Clan is based in Los Angeles, USA. It is a gaming organization that started ten years ago. It signed teams for many games, including Call of Duty (where they made their breakthrough), CS: GO, PUBG, Rainbow Six, Fortnite, etc.

Their CS: GO team is one of the best in the world, thanks to the many superstars Faze acquired over the years (NiKo, coldzera, olofmeister). Faze Clan’s typical gamer logo is well-known to gamers worldwide. It’s a stylish letter F, with powerful black and red colors.

7. logo is an old-school Russian esports organization. Its fantastic logo is an angry polar bear showing its teeth, popping out of the letter V. A orange logotype often accompanies the logo, which has black and orange colors.

Not only are they a successful gaming dynasty, but they also have a pro gamer logo. Overall, they’ve had success in major tournaments in Dota 2, League of Legends, and CS: GO. Not to sound biased, but VP’s most recognizable players are also their former CS pros, Snax, and pashaBiceps.

The Best Gaming Company Logos

8. Valve

Valve logo

Valve is a game company with an admirable reputation. They have a plethora of great games under their belt, and they started their company with one of the best games ever made, Half-Life. This game would later spawn Counter-Strike, which first started as a Half-Life mode. They also developed Portal and Team Fortress.

We picked Valve’s gaming logo design because it’s so different from all the others. It’s unconventional and futuristic. In essence, it features a bald man with a valve on the back of his head and the Valve logotype. 

9. Blizzard

blizzard logo

Blizzard is a massive entertainment company that developed many amazing games such as Warcraft, World of Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft, Hearthstone, and Overwatch. This gaming company logo has a matching name and style. 

The letters in the logotype are light blue, and they have a cool font (sorry for the pun). They also like using a golden color in their logo, especially in their fantastic game trailers. Overall, gamers get hyped just by seeing their logo.

10. Ubisoft

Ubisoft logo

Ubisoft is another gaming industry titan that made a significant impact on the way video games are developed and played today. They spawned the Assassin’s Creed universe, alongside Watch Dogs, For Honor, Anno, and many others. Ubisoft also reinterpreted many Tom Clancy novels into video games, and they are all massive hits.

Ubisoft has one of the best gaming logos, even though it was recently changed. It used to be blue, and now it’s just black and white. It looks hand-drawn with simple, circular lines that form the letter O.

11. Riot Games

Riot games logo

Riot Games seemed to be a one-hit-wonder, known only for its incredibly popular MOBA game — League of Legends. However, recently they released their brand new FPS title Valorant, which is downright amazing.

Riot Games has a retro gaming logo style. It resembles graffiti with slightly crooked letters, and a fist above the letter “I.” It also uses the most popular color combination (red, white, and black).

12. Bethesda Game Studios

Bethesda logo

BGS is an American game developer best known for its Elder Scrolls (Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim) and Fallout RPG game series. Most of their games were absolute hits, and rightfully so. 

The Bethesda gaming logo is similar to their Fallout game logo, yet not a complete clone. Namely, it has a black and white cog, whereas the Fallout logo has a vault door. 

13. PlayStation

Playstation logo

PlayStation doesn’t require any introduction. However, its logo was changed many times over. One of the best gaming logo designs came from Manabu Sakomoto, a graphic artist from Japan. The logo has a typeface letter P standing above the letter S. 

What’s interesting is that the letters are connected, and now that the logo’s colors were changed to black, the letter S looks like a shadow cast by the letter P.

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14. World of Warcraft

world of warcraft logo

World of Warcraft has an incredible design team, which always delivers high-quality content. Likewise, the World of Warcraft logo is simply one of a kind. It looks like a geography logo that has been blended into a fantasy realm. It perfectly matches the MMORPG game, but it is also highly memorable, colorful, and full of life.

Finally, Blizzard is known for its cool gaming logos especially because they make a beautiful, newly themed logo for each new WoW expansion.

15. Valorant

valorant logo

Valorant has a seamless, red, and black logo, with a capital typeface title. It’s elegant, and it matches the excited first-person shooter. Like the in-game art, it’s polished, clean, and distinctive. Riot Games has a fantastic art team, who, once again, flexed their skills.

Creating a quality logo for gaming isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially when it’s brand new and still has an audience to captivate.

16. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Siege

rainbow six logo

Rainbow Six Siege is one of many Ubisoft games set in Tom Clancy’s universe. It is a tactical shooter, featuring exciting agents (their organization is called Rainbow Six) with a plethora of gadgets and tactical gameplay.

The game itself is reminiscent of a James Bond movie, and so is the gamer logo design, which is fantastic. It is a black and white number 6 with a pistol inside.

17. Dota 2

dota 2 logo

Dota 2 is a sequel to the Defense of the Ancients — a Warcraft 3 mod — that was incredibly popular. Who are we kidding, it’s still viral, even after the sequel! Dota 2 is owned by Valve, who hired the original developer of the mod, IceFrog, to improve the original game.

Like most logos in gaming, the Dota 2 logo is also red and black. However, it’s not dull or generic in any way. The logo represents the map where the game is played, showing both sides of the map (Dire and Radiant) and the big river in the middle. 

18. Counter-Strike

counter strike logo

As previously mentioned, Valve has many great games, yet they are most famous for Counter-Strike. For those who’ve been living under a rock, it is a fast-paced tactical shooter where terrorists and counter-terrorist forces face each other in a bomb-threat scenario (there is a hostage mode, but it’s almost irrelevant).

CS has one of the most impressionable gaming logos in history. It’s relatively simple, yet the typeface is split with an image of an armed counter-terrorist responder. They often switch up the colors, which are either white on a black background or vice-versa. 

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19. Shroud

shroud logo

Michael Grzesiek, better known as Shroud, is a former CS: GO pro. He is known for his incredible aim and lightning-fast reactions. At the peak of his CS: GO career, he decided to leave the esports scene, and start streaming.

He became the number one streamer on Twitch, and he has a viral YouTube channel as well. His gaming logo.png is a mysterious hooded figure with the Shroud typeface and crosshairs replacing the figure’s eye and the letter “O.”

20. Dr. Disrespect

Dr. Disrespect logo

Herschel Beahm IV, or how he likes to call himself, Dr. Disrespect, is a mainstream internet personality. He’s primarily an FPS game streamer, but his over-the-top persona and witty humor make him entertaining to an even broader audience.

His YouTube gaming logo is an animated version of his streaming persona. He has a mustache, wears a mullet wig, a tactical vest, headphones, and retro sunglasses. 

21. Macie Jay

macie jay logo

Macie Jay’s real name is Maciej (he’s Polish). He’s a well-known Rainbow 6 Siege content creator, streamer, and YouTuber. He is currently a part of TSM, but he clawed his way to fame completely solo. Maciej is an incredibly smart guy who utilizes his quick thinking to outplay his opponents. Many R6 professionals admitted to using his strategies even in tournaments.

His gaming channel logo is a simple black and red MJ typeface on a white background. It’s clean and impactful, making it highly memorable.


In conclusion, having a fresh gaming logo is vital if you want to succeed in the gaming industry. Hopefully, we gave you enough inspiration and motivation to think of a creative logo for yourself. 

With the help of our app for logo creation, this task won’t be nearly as difficult. The final result will surely be satisfying and up to professional standards. Remember to treat esports logos, just like any other business logos.


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