39 Mind-Blowing Instagram Stats You Should Know

Instagram Stats

Since Instagram’s launch in 2010, the network has rapidly grown into one of the most popular social media platforms. With millions of daily users, as Instagram stats reveal, it shows no sign of slowing down.

With continuous development, and new features, like IGTV and Shop, Instagram has grown from a simple photo-sharing social network where people would post their vacation pictures, into one of the most powerful marketing tools that millions of brands, influencers, and advertisers use to promote their businesses.

Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting stats and facts about the most popular social network.

Top 10 Most Interesting Instagram Statistics and Facts:

  • Every day, over 100 million photos are shared on Instagram.
  • Instagram is the 6th most popular social network.
  • There are over 500 million daily active Instagram Stories users.
  • Pizza is the most Instagrammed food in the world.
  • An average Instagram user spends 53 minutes per day on Instagram.
  • With 116 million users, the United States is the country with the most Instagram users.
  • Each month, 130 million members of the general Instagram audience tap various shopping posts.
  • A staggering 96% of US fashion brands have Instagram accounts.
  • Instagram helps 80% of people decide whether they should buy a product or not.
  • In the first 24 hours of introducing Instagram videos, there were more than 5 million videos posted.

If you want to improve your Instagram marketing strategy, become an influencer, or you just want to find out more about Instagram usage, Instagram popularity, as well as the Instagram user base, keep reading.

General Instagram Facts and Stats

1. More than 35% of US adults use Instagram.

(The Verge)

This makes up for over one-third of the overall US population. A great majority of these people are teenagers, young adults, and well-off adults, which makes Instagram the most popular social media network among successful, prosperous, young adults.

2. Every day, over 100 million photos are shared on Instagram.


Scrolling through the Insta feed, everyone wonders once in a while how many photos have been uploaded to Instagram. Instagram stats for 2019 reveal that since 2010, when Instagram was launched, there have been more than 50 billion photos uploaded, and every day there are 100 million new pics.

3. Using more than 11 hashtags on an Instagram post brings the best engagement.

(Louise Myers Visual Social Media)

The maximum hashtags someone can use on their Insta post is 30. However, using more than 11 hashtags increases the engagement on a post by 442%, compared to using no hashtags, as some Instagram insights show. Using all 30 hashtags may look spammy, so it should be avoided.

4. Instagram is the 6th most popular social network.


The definite leader in this category is Facebook, with over 1 billion monthly active users. YouTube, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat follow suit. However, Pinterest was the fastest independently launched site that reached 10 million unique visitors in one month alone.

5. The most popular Insta hashtag is #love.


Instagram trends for this year reveal that the most popular hashtags also include #photooftheday, #picoftheday, and #bestoftheday, for images that make users really proud. Indexing pics with these trending hashtags increases the users’ chances of people discovering their content.

6. The most-liked Instagram photo is a picture of an egg, and it has 53.6 million likes.

(Hopper; Omnicore)

Despite this, women of Instagram have on average 5 times more likes than male users, as Instagram like statistics report. Types of content that female users like the most are makeup, fitness motivation, clothing, celebrities, travel, friends and family, lingerie, food and recipes, memes, and animals.

7. There are over 500 million daily active Instagram Stories users.


Each story is limited to 15 seconds only, which encourages users to be as creative as possible. This feature is also perfect for businesses and advertisers since it gives them the possibility to reach millions of people in a few clicks. These Instagram stories stats show that one smartphone and a lot of creativity can bring millions of consumers to different brands.

8. Photos with faces get 38% more likes.


Posting an image with a face increases the post’s engagement and furthers the chances of getting new followers; it also increases business potential. Promoting an Instagram post with a face with properly distributed trending hashtags will skyrocket the post’s engagement rates, as Instagram growth stats report.

9. Pizza is the most Instagrammed food in the world.


There are more than 37 million posts that appreciate the beauty of pizza. Hamburgers are the second most Instagrammed food, with 35 million posts, and sushi is right behind with more than 23 million posts. Furthermore, European food accounts for more than 9% of all Instagrammed food, with French macarons and pesto as the most popular European food, according to Instagram food statistics.

10. The most popular filters in the US are Clarendon, Gingham, Juno, and Lark.

(Louise Myers Visual Social Media)

However, Americans are not the only ones who decorate their photos with filters. Globally, the most used filters are Clarendon, Juno, and Gingham. For fashion photos, Instagrammers use Kelvin, Valencia, and Nashville, whereas Valencia, Normal, and Brooklyn are popular for nature photography. Food lovers mostly use Skyline, Normal, and Helena, while selfie fans prefer Normal, Slumber, and Skyline.

Instagram User Stats

11. Approximately 38% of Instagram users visit the site several times a day.

(Pew Research Center)

In addition, 6 in every 10 Instagram users visit the site at least once a day; this number is sure to grow as the number of new users increases. However, Facebook is the most popular social network, and 74% of its users visit the site every day, while 51% of users visit the site several times a day.

12. Over 67% of US adults aged 18 to 29 are Instagram daily active users.


Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the US, and while it’s estimated that Facebook and Snapchat user numbers are going to decline by 2021, Instagram’s user base will increase. It’s also estimated that the user engagement will increase from 26 to 29 minutes per day.

13. The majority of Instagram users have an annual income greater than $100,000.


A study has grouped US internet users by their average household income. Instagram demographics for 2019 have revealed that people who have an average annual income of over $100,000 are most likely to use Instagram. Approximately 46% of internet users who have a household income of $80,000 to 90,000 are Instagram users, and 55% of internet users with an annual salary of $70,000 to $80,000 have an Instagram account.

14. An average Instagram user spends 53 minutes per day on Instagram.


People spend almost the same amount of time on Instagram as they do on Facebook, as Instagram users stats show. Since June 2018, an average internet user has spent 58 minutes on their Facebook app, which is only 5 minutes more than what the average user has spent on their Instagram app.

15. Instagram is the 2nd most engaged social media platform.


Naturally, the first one is Facebook, with 60.6% of active internet users who access the app at least once a month. According to some of the latest Instagram engagement stats, 37.4% of active internet users access their Instagram app at least once a month.

16. With 116 million users, the US is the country with the most Instagram users.


As of October 2019, the US is the leading country in the world with the most Instagram users. India comes second with 73 million active users, and Brazil follows suit with 72 million Instagram users. Statistics about Instagram users by country show that Mexico and Germany have the least Instagram users, with 22 and 19.9 million active users, respectively.

17. It’s estimated that 80% of Instagram users live outside of the US.


Even though the US has the biggest number of active Instagram users, when the overall number of the social network’s users is taken into account, the great majority lives outside of the US. This shows that language is not a barrier when it comes to people’s interest in visual content.

Instagram Business Statistics

18. There were over 25 million Instagram marketers in 2017.

(Marketing Land)

Compared to this, Facebook had only 15 million business pages. By using a business profile on Instagram, companies can reach out to more potential customers with options like the ”Contact Us,” button, and a variety of available insights.

19. Around 60% of people discover new products through their Instagram app.


Instagram’s discover page is a mixture of pages and people that a user follows, likes, and visits. The number of Instagram users who discover new products through this option make almost two-thirds of all Instagram users.

20. Approximately 11% of all social media users shop on Instagram.


Moreover, 81% of people use Instagram as a research tool when they’re buying something new, or searching for services. The top two reasons for this are the ability to view photos and videos before making a purchase. However, Instagram statistics concerning the website itself show that 1 in 10 Instagram users use this social media platform specifically for shopping and discovering new products.

21. It’s estimated that 71% of US businesses use Instagram.


The same research reveals that 7 out of 10 hashtags are branded. In addition, 80% of businesses believe that Instagram engagement is one of the most important metrics. Instagram is the perfect tool for marketing since businesses don’t have to spend large sums of money on marketing campaigns.

22. Each month, 130 million members of the general Instagram audience tap various shopping posts.


Millions of Instagram users shop directly from the app. Shoppable posts and the checkout feature are the latest additions to Instagram, allowing users to buy whatever they want without ever having to leave the app. This makes selling, as well as buying, products easier than ever before.

23. Around 75% of Instagram users take action or engage with a company after seeing their posts.

(Digital Marketer)

According to the latest Instagram stats summary, three-quarters of its users take action after seeing a branded post or ad; they go to the brand’s website, click on the brand’s stories, look at the brand’s Instagram account, etc.

24. A staggering 96% of US fashion brands have Instagram accounts.


Visual social networks like Instagram bring fashion brands the most profit. Research has found that the top brands on Instagram have a 2.26% engagement rate. According to the Instagram fashion trends and stats, that is 10 times more than on Facebook, and even 100 times more than on Twitter.

25. On average, brands pay various Instagram influencers between $100 and $2,085 per post.


For videos, brands pay between $114 and $3,138, and between $43 and $721 for stories. Considering that they can potentially reach up to 849.3 million users, paying influencers seems like a good investment.

Instagram Marketing Statistics

26. The average CPC (cost per click) on Instagram was $2.40 per country in 2017.


Vietnam had the most expensive CPC rate at $3.73, Kenya followed suit with $3.68, while the US had the third most expensive CPC rate at $3.56. On the other hand, Canada and Japan were among the countries with the lowest CPC rates at $1.53 and $1.48 respectively.

27. Instagram ad revenue is expected to exceed $10 billion in 2019.

(The Drum)

Instagram advertising stats reveal that by 2021 one third of all social media users will use Instagram, which will be a 593.7 million users increase compared to 2017. Additionally, the ad revenue will grow from $4.1 billion in 2017 to $10.87 billion in 2019.

28. One-third of the most-viewed Instagram Stories come from businesses.


Even though they’re more relaxed and low-pressure, Instagram stories are a powerful marketing tool. Instagram stats reveal that, apart from this, 60% of brands also use at least one interactive element in their stories each month, such as polling stickers, location tags, and @-mentions.

29. Brand follower growth increases by 6% to 8% every month.

(Digital Marketer)

It’s presumed that people want to follow their friends and family on social media. Nevertheless, Instagram users also want to follow brands as well — hence why the latest Instagram follower stats show a rapid increase in follower growth. If you’re looking for ways to improve your brand’s Instagram, make sure you get familiar with the dos and don’ts of Instagram growth services.

30. Instagram helps 80% of people decide whether they should buy a product or not.


Instagram research studies report that Instagram users make shopping decisions based on what they see while they browse the app. Influencer marketing has a great effect on these decisions; especially when targeting millennials. This includes creative stories, Instagram ads, the use of trendy hashtags, and engaging with potential consumers.

Posting on Instagram Facts

31. The best time to make an Instagram post is on Thursdays between 5 AM and 11 AM in any time zone.


Creating creative and compelling content for your follower base is important, yet posting at the right time greatly increases the number of likes, new followers, and post engagement. On average, it’s good to post between 2 PM and 3 PM CDT. Still, the perfect day for making a popular post, as Instagram traffic stats show, is on a Thursday, or Saturday, around 11 AM when people are brunching, and spending time with their friends.

32. On average, brands share 1.5 posts per day.

(Union Metrics)

This data is based on a study of the 55 most popular brands on Instagram. The majority of brands post once, or twice a day, but there are some brands that have more than 100 posts per month.

According to Instagram statistics, some brands post even 10 times a day. What’s more, 90% of these posts get likes and shares in the first 10 hours after posting, but also have some engagement days after posting.

33. Posts with user-generated content (UGC) have a 4.5% higher conversion rate than posts without UGC.


User-generated content has proven to be an essential part of Instagram marketing. Other users have shown high levels of trust in these posts, which has led to a generally higher Instagram conversion rate. Campaigns that inspire UGC are usually very successful.

34. Posts that have a location tag have approximately 79% more engagement.


Location tags are especially useful for businesses and brands since they literally put their business on a map. In addition, location tags help with geotagging and reaching a much wider audience. Moreover, they help users who browse their Instagram feed find specific locations at any given time.

Instagram Video Stats

35. In the first 24 hours of introducing Instagram videos, there were more than 5 million videos posted.


The Instagram video feature was launched in 2013, gaining instant popularity. According to some statistics, it would take a person one whole year to watch all the videos that were posted just in the first 8 hours of the launch of the video feature.

36. According to Instagram stats, sponsored videos have 3 times more comments than sponsored photos.


When it comes to Instagram ads, businesses are opting for sponsored videos since a single video can convey more information in a shorter period of time, compared to a single photo post. Additionally, videos automatically engage the audience.

37. Brands post 2 times more Instagram Stories than Snapchat stories.


In July, 89 brands have posted 1,374 Instagram stories, compared to only 614 Snapchat stories, as Instagram trends show. Instagram Stories give marketers options like “swipe up” links that Snapchat stories are lacking. This is probably one of the reasons why brands are switching to Instagram stories to promote their business.

38. IGTV and video chat are the two latest Instagram features.


IGTV allows users to make a 10-minute long vertical video. There is also a standalone app for IGTV, but users can search for and watch other people’s videos via the regular Instagram app as well, as Instagram statistics for the app reveal.

The video chat feature is also a serious competitor for Facebook Messenger, Facetime, and Google Chat. This Instagram service allows the user to have a video chat with 4 friends at the same time.

39. One-quarter of ads are single videos.


Even though photos are still relevant, video ads are gaining in popularity. Video ads on Instagram can be up to 60 seconds long, yet user engagement decreases with the increase in ad time; 30-second video ads are optimal for most audiences.


What are the most popular pages on Instagram?

(Brand Watch)

Instagram’s official page is the page with the most followers — 300 million. Their feed promotes interesting users and posts; hence the popularity. Christiano Ronaldo is the second most popular Instagram account, with 189 million followers. Ariana Grande follows suit with 167 million followers, whereas The Rock and Selena Gomez are right behind with 161 million followers.

How successful is Instagram 2019?


Instagram is an incredibly successful company worth over $100 billion. Since its launch in 2010, when it was a simple photo-sharing platform, it has developed into a brilliant marketing tool with an abundance of features and millions of users with no signs of it slowing down anytime soon; Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram back in 2012 played a huge role in this matter as well.

How successful is Instagram for business?

(Business News Daily)

Instagram can bring tremendous success to all types of businesses. With the right marketing strategy, businesses can promote their services, products, and increase the number of potential consumers, and sales. Moreover, these marketing campaigns are relatively cost-effective, considering the wide range of audiences they can reach, making them an appealing option for both small and medium-sized businesses (including startups).

What is a good engagement rate for Instagram?


In general, the engagement rate that is anywhere between 1% and 3% is considered to be good; it’s the average for influencers’ accounts. If the engagement is below 1%, the audience, in general, is not engaging with the content well enough. Still, if the engagement is above 3%, it’s a telltale sign of an incredibly active and engaged Instagram audience.

How many followers do you need on Instagram to get a blue tick?


Getting verified on Instagram — in other words, getting a blue tick — is not as complicated as people may think. Since 2018 users can directly request Instagram to verify their profiles. All user needs to do is open their Instagram, open the menu, go to the settings, select “Account,” and tap the “Request Verification” option. After that, the user needs to fill a form and attach a copy of their ID, passport, or driver’s license, and wait for Instagram moderators to approve the request.

How many people use Instagram?


Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users, which is almost half of what Facebook gets over the same period. In addition, more than 500 million of those users use this social media platform on a daily basis. Overall, the total Instagram user count has grown more than 10 times since its “humble” 130 million monthly active users back in 2013.

Who has the most posts on Instagram?


Telefon Komp FotoAparat Elanı, a Turkish phone company takes the number 1 spot with 11 million uploads on Instagram. Their feed consists of phone sale ads, but they also have a black and white theme. The second Instagram page with the most uploads is also Turkish-based, the so-called Benc4n — a page that has shared over 10 million comedic posts.

The Bottom Line

From following your cousin’s cat’s Instagram page to following your favorite beauty brands and celebrities, Instagram has grown a lot since its launch. And, as can be seen from our Instagram stats, it has become an essential part of our everyday lives.

Hence, it is safe to say that posting and liking photos and videos won’t be losing steam anytime soon; Instagram is, without a shred of a doubt, bound to grow and develop even more in the years to come.


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