12 Styles, Tips, and Examples of Inspiring Real Estate Logos

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Buying, renting, or selling real estate is not something most people do on a regular basis; yet, it’s no surprise either considering the constant rise in the prices of real estate. This is why, when it comes to real estate management, people prefer doing their homework before calling in the cavalry — i.e., professional help. Real estate logos are the first thing potential clients notice when seeking help in this field; hence, leaving a good first impression is vital.

Overall, the design plays a huge role as it helps customers decide on whether or not to contact the company in question and start doing business with them.

So, how can one pass the message of excellence in real estate marketing and still get on top with the vicious competition with just one, simple image? This asks for a logo that will outshine all the others, but first, a good look at the currently trending logos (in the real estate market) is needed.

The Best Real Estate Logos — Overview

We divided 12 styles of logos in the real estate business according to their design. Yet, before taking your pick, you need to ask yourself one question — which qualities do I want to instill in my business logo?

There are plenty of beautifully-crafted and clever-made logos that draw the attention of the public and inspire interest. Nevertheless, for a real estate business, the most important feeling that a logo should evoke is — trust. Memorable real estate logo ideas relay a sense of trust, stability, transparency, expertise, skill, experience, and good taste; all in one image. Sounds like an impossible task? Well, with the right idea in mind and some sound designer’s advice, this is an achievable goal.

To provide you with that much-needed inspiration, we present you 12 logo styles, and many more examples, of trust-inspiring logos of the real estate businesses and tips on how to reach and surpass them.

So, let’s dive straight into it!

1. Real Estate House Logo Motifs — American Tower Corporation


Simple, yet powerful; then again, what isn’t when black and red are so close at hand?

Inspiring dominance and growth, the American Tower Corporation manages to bestow a promise of success all through the use of this minimalistic logo. The choice of font, in particular, does them credit; the extra bold and all caps letters stand as a symbol of stability and firmness. What’s more, the brand’s logo mark can stand perfectly on its own; we associate the “A” with “American” and the shape stands for both a rooftop and a tower — simply ingenious.

The American Tower Corporation is one of the world’s best real estate brands, which is not at all surprising when looking at this logo.

Tip 1. Use a monogram of the letter “A” in your logo (if you can).

Including a monogram of the letter “A” in your logo, or “alpha” for that matter, is always a good idea as it inspires those watching to think of something that is on the top of the quality list; after all, “A” is the first letter of the alphabet. For one, this really worked out for the American Tower Corporation since it ranked second-largest in the world, according to the Forbes list in 2019. Reaching a market value of $85,260 million that year alone, the American Tower Corporation is not only the most successful American real estate firm but also an example of one the best real estate logos in the US.

Other examples of logos in the real estate business with the letter ”A” in monogram form can be found here and here:

2. Brick and Block-Inspired Logos — Simon Property Group

Simon Malls Logo

The idea behind this company’s logo couldn’t be clearer — the relationship between you and your real estate should last forever. Making use of the first letter in Simon and modifying it to resemble the symbol of infinity is an ingenious move from the designers of this logo.

Furthermore, dropping the curved forms for an edgier appearance evokes the image of a solid foundation — a structure that goes well beyond the mathematical symbol it embodies — and looks as if it could really last forever. The beauty of it? This commercial real estate logo, along with the font, couldn’t be any simpler; there are no calligraphic ornaments, meaning this is as close as you can get to pure geometric shapes. This complements the brand mark well and adds a subtle note with the pronounced curves in the “S “ and the “O.”

Tip 2. Avoid decorative fonts.

Avoiding calligraphy in the logotype of a real estate firm is the right designer choice as it gives the impression of firmness and transparency. In the case of this real estate logo, the letters are plain and simple, all caps, and “out for the customer to see.” Still, do not oversimplify it; use some provocative colors and shapes instead.

All in all, this classy and inviting logo is “a win” because it makes us see the company as a long-standing player that’s open to collaborate and create long-lasting bonds. Given that this is one of the most original real estate logo ideas, it comes as no surprise that the company qualifies as the 3rd largest real estate venture in the world, according to Forbes, and the second-largest in the US for 2019, with a market value of $55,019 million.

Other honorary mentions of blocs-motivated logos include this, this one, and this one

3. Tree Logos — Laforêt

The logo of one of the biggest French real estate firms looks like this?! No roofs or shapes of houses anywhere? This can’t be right, right?

Well, not exactly. The very name of the brand carries the symbol of a tiny rooftop within itself, the French accent “circumflex” — i.e., the tiny “hat” over the “e.” Although probably not deliberate, this little accent makes its mark on the logo of one of the best real estate brands in France.

Let’s begin by explaining the name of the brand — Laforêt. It stands for both “the forest” — “la forêt” means forest in French — and a very well-known family name in France. Overall, this logo inspirest trust with its main target audience — the French.

What’s more, the French are proud of their national products; particularly so because of their high criteria for quality. Hence, the traditionally-sounding Laforêt instills trust — and lots of it.

Furthermore, when it comes to real estate logos, inspiration is vital, and having a tree as an idea is certainly refreshing; more so for this brand, as it symbolizes the 700 other real estate agencies (branches) that constitute this firm as of now.

Nonetheless, to clearly separate the conventional meaning of the tree symbol and show that it is not intended as an ecological statement or a movement to save the forest, the logo employs the color blue which, in turn, adds to the psychological effect of calmness, control, and trust.

The Laforêt logo is a perfect example of originality in real estate group logos, with its blue tree concept, rich shapes, and simple — yet effective — colors that make an impression on the client.

The lowercase letters denote modesty — a quality especially valued by the French — just like the surname Laforêt is (traditionally) linked with the working-class population.

Tip 3. Consider the cultural background of your target audience.

Take into account the cultural background and beliefs of your public; the result could very well be a trust-inspiring real estate logo. All in all, people tend to trust something that looks and sounds familiar. This is a trick that a lot of modern designers incorporate to ensure the impact and success of the logos they make.

Other tree logos in the real estate business can be found here, here, and over here.

4. Stylish Logo — Sacha Radford Properties

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see this intriguing logo? Do you see it as the perfect decorative design for your new carpet, your tiles, wallpapers, and the like, when you finally get to move into the house of your dreams? Bingo!

The real estate agent, Sacha Radford, provides her customers with the impression that they are already in their new “humble” abode with this real estate agent logo design.

Indisputably original in the world of real estate, this logo is the perfect blend of exquisite design, stylish touch, and the vibrant use of colors — the color scheme signifies a building and the verdant nature surrounding it. Yes, you guessed it, this company is based in the hills, and not just any hills but the most famous of them all — Beverly Hills. When you look at it that way, the green nuances in the logo really start making sense.

Tip 4. Associate your logo with a specific location.

Associating your brand to a specific location, by adding elements of nature surrounding the estates that you want to offer to your real estate agency logo is a good way to go. Clients that are looking to buy or rent a property already know where they want to live, so accentuating the positive aspects of the environment, such as parks, mountains, lakes, etc. is highly advisable. Given that customers will already see what they are looking for in your logo, you stand a better chance of receiving a phone call, and possibly, closing a business deal.

Other stylish logos in the sphere of real estate that are worth mentioning are this one, and this one.

5. Skyscraper Logos — Gemini Rosemont Commercial Real Estate


So, what is so special about this commercial real estate logo with a skyscraper — you might ask yourself. Well, for one, it stands alone, imposing its dominance and reminding its clients that they need a solid and stable agency to aid them with their real estate.

This is the logo of a New York-based commercial real estate agency that follows the “showing power” logo trend that is extremely popular among commercial realtors nowadays. Nevertheless, the designers of this logo managed to find an original, clear-cut, and dignified depiction that can be used on any kind of promotional material, and proudly so.

What makes this logo so special is the successful and sophisticated result the designers came up with when incorporating an overused subject among real estate logo ideas — that of a skyscraper.

Tip 5. Use white and empty spaces.

White contours and lines, or any other markings and shapes for that matter, add a big advantage to your logo as they repose the eyes of the observer, protecting them from the excessive saturation of different colors and shapes. When our eyes are overwhelmed by the colors and shapes they see, our brain shies away from it, and we are reluctant to keep looking at something so colorfully violent. On the other hand, white spaces provide us with a sense of relief, a “space to breathe” if you will, evoking calming and pleasant feelings that you certainly want to associate with your real estate company logo.

A successful logo should not be screaming “pick me” with oversaturated tones and contrasts, but, instead, it should leave the choice of being picked to the clients themselves. Especially so in real estate, where the logo should display quality and transmit a message of trust and efficiency.

You’re most certainly aware that the color white serves more than just empty space; it’s a vital part of what you are trying to show — as did the logo of Gemini Rosemont Commercial Real Estate. Overall, when it comes to great real estate logos, the shape of the empty spaces, or whites, can take the form of other shapes in the logo, providing a win-win outcome of sorts — the logo gets more elements and it helps relaxes the eye of the customer in the process.

Another example of a good skyscraper logo can be found here , while one using empty space is here.

6. Monogram Style Logo — Highline Residential

Highline-residential logo

Highline residential is the perfect example of successfully used monograms to make a modern and classy logo. We’ll let it speak for itself.

Tip 6. “Less is more.”

The minimalistic and simplistic approach to this logo is exactly what inspires trust in a potential client. The logic behind this background — a simple logo that communicates a message to the observer that the brand needs no extra effort on its part to distinguish itself; therefore, people see this as a sign of superiority, confidence, and expertise among contemporary real estate logos.

Furthermore, letters are cleverly used to make simplified images of different types of real estate, a smaller building and a skyscraper of a sort, which, although overused, in this very example, provides a good graphical solution for the monograms.

The “Highline” part also goes on to modify our perception of the logo; we bet that everyone’s thinking about the exact same thing when viewing this logo — luxurious properties.

Having in mind the description of this company, this is exactly the kind of message Highline Residential is trying to transmit.

Other examples of monogram logos can be found here and here.

Furthermore, you can find an example of how it should NOT be done here.

7. Skillful Real Estate Logo Design — Ariel Property Advisorsariel-property-advisors-logo

How can you not like a New York logo where the letter “A” is quite possibly reflected on the blue-glass surface of a modern skyscraper? Overall, a good depiction of the letter “A” in perspective, which seems firmly standing, even though it is not conceived as three dimensional.

The Logo of Ariel Property Advisors is both original and excellent because of its “in perspective A” which gives off the impression that this firm has the architectural know-how; something that is a must in recognizing quality real estates, especially those who are located in a megalopolis such as New York.

Tip 7. Show them everything you got!

It is a good idea to follow the example of this real estate investor logo and include additional skills and expertise that your company may possess; do not be afraid to show it in your logo. A logo is a part of a storng brand – a vast majority of investors make their decisions based on branding. This is how your clients will know that they are in knowledgeable hands, allowing them to sleep soundly at night and keep your immediate competition at bay!

Another great example of a logo depicting relatable skills.

8. Abstract Real Estate Logos  — Okada & Company

okada co logo

The logo of Okada & Company is in a totally different universe compared to the previously discussed designs, and it deserves applause for its originality.

Being original as a brand is crucial to getting your business off the ground, and abstract logos, such as this one, can certainly help your brand do just that. The aspect of originality is essential for modern real estate agency logos since competition is growing fast, particularly in big metropolitan areas.

Including an abstract image is one way to make an original logo like this one stand out. However, when you think about it, this one is totally pragmatic; it depicts your potential real estate among others in bird view, or google maps view if you prefer, denoted with the color green.

The focus of this real estate investment logo lies on a single triangle that is green, as opposed to the surrounding geometrical figures, which, in a way, celebrates individuality and uniqueness. What’s more, in a bold move, this design occupies all the available space of the logo and whether used online or in paper format, it attracts the client’s attention with its sheer size.

Finally, what this logo does is show exactly what clients need to do to recognize and select quality over other brands that have nothing special to offer. Likewise, this logo is also highly functional in black and white color schemes as well; a mandatory trait of real estate logos of any self-respecting real estate firm or agent.

Tip 8. Using abstract imagery can help you get noticed.

Abstract imagery retains people’s attention; firstly, because of the initial confusion that they provoke in those watching; secondly, by the curiosity that follows when they try to figure out what the logo actually represents. Look at the most popular big company logos, and note how many of them are pretty abstract.

For this reason, abstract imagery in a logo can be a good choice if your real estate company is located in a densely populated area (New York, for instance), where competition is definitely not lacking. When creating real estate company logos, this approach can be extremely useful as, when done properly (like with the Okada & Company logo), you can take advantage of the natural curiosity humans have when presented with unrecognizable forms, only to help them spot the subtle indication that makes your line of work visible.

9. Diverse Subject Logos — Pinnacle


The old version of this logo incorporated the inevitable white, and nuances of blue; typical for depicting mountains and mountain peaks — hence, a very well thought out and suitable image for a company of that name. This logo is plain beautiful and stands out among other commercial real estate logos even in its new, modernized, black and white version.

What is especially eye-catching with this design is the obvious contrast of the two shapes that constitute this logo. Firstly, the oval shape is a rarity in real estate designs, which adds to the uniqueness of the logo. Furthermore, the oval shape is soft, whereas the sharp peak is firm and cutting. This contrast awakens the “go-getter” attitude and motivates the client to ”go for it” and either buy, sell, or rent a property.

There’s no doubt that the peak in pinnacle is the symbol of effectiveness, achievement, and ambition, for which, this real estate company name and logo is recognizable for. The clarity and the perfection of the two main shapes give the impression of high performance, which in turn, motivates customers to pick this real estate company to achieve their objective. The Pinnacle logo is also distinguishable among other mountain-related logos because it puts equal importance on the peak and its environment; the piercing effect of the peak is both obvious and powerful.

Finally, the logotype of the brand, with its plainness and clarity, along with the perfectly circular forms, makes us wonder whether these letters can ultimately be combined to make the brand’s logomark shape.

Tip 9. Use equally powerful non-related objects.

Choosing real estate logo images that are not directly associated with real estate, but share some of the characteristics of a perfectly built structure, such as consistency, durability, impressiveness, is what everyone seeking for an original logo should do. In this way, we don’t end up with houses, keys, skyscrapers, or buildings all the time; using these stereotyped objects can kill the “individuality” of a brand.

Other logos that use non-business related images.

10. Wombo Combo — Endpoint Closing


The Endpoint Real Estate logomark lacks an endpoint, and this is what makes it so ingenious; people who came up with the idea for this creative real estate logo clearly knew what they were doing. Consequently, just seeing this logo encourages us to contact this firm and discuss real estate.

Tip 10. Merging two or more concepts.

Merging two concepts, in this case, the name of the firm and the concept of a house is a challenging task even for the best logo designers. Nevertheless, the end product is twice as rewarding.

In these kinds of logos the main problem, besides merging two clear images into one, is arriving at a simple, yet sophisticated, real estate business logo — the whole point of modern branding. Many are surprised by the amount of work that goes into simplifying an image to the maximum but still retaining all the recognizable features.

Another example of a two-concept logo.

11. Logos Defined by Colors — Vicole


Vicole’s logo is rich, yet not overwhelming; it includes several essential elements that the client needs to perceive this company.

Vicole is based in Montreal, Canada — hence why the central monogram of the logo can be interpreted as the merging of the first letters of “V” — for Vicole — and “M” — for Montreal.

The shape of this real estate logo is not conventional but is easily recognizable as a modern building — a structure that is most commonly associated with stability and firmness. The additional lines and their irregularities add to the general dynamism of the logo, making it both profoundly modern and energetic.

Tip 11. Use color to your advantage.

If you’re not familiar with color psychology, we suggest you read the basics prior to designing your logo. Ever wondered why certain brands that are in the same line of work have similarly-colored logos? This is not a coincidence, believe me. For example, most of the best real estate logos are blue, and for good reason too.

Researchers found that blue inspires trust in people; most often it is quoted as having a calming effect on people, especially light blue. What’s more, the color blue associates your brand with the notions of clarity (clear blue sky), transparency, and serenity. Considering this, it’s no wonder that so many most popular brands on the planet use this color for their logo.

Another color-focused logo design.

12. Real Estate Logos with Keys — James Michalowski


A straightforward logo showing you exactly what you’ll end up with if you collaborate with this agent — a house and the keys to access it. A simple, yet effective logo, with thick cartoonish contours that only add to the effect of confidence. Given the 25 years of experience behind this real estate agent, we really couldn’t expect anything less.

Even though for some this logo can seem outdated, logos of agents (or realtors) enjoy more freedom when choosing a style. Likewise, real estate agent logos have to convey a clear message since the brand name is the actual name of the agent. Hence, besides the brand’s logomark, there is not much that gives away their professional activity.

Tip 12. Using cartoons and illustrations.

Cartoonish and illustrative logos are a great design direction for real estate agents, though it’s not advisable for real estate investment companies or brokers. However, thick contours aside, cartoonish logos can at the same time be a delight to see and evoke both trust and confidence; the proof — the logo of Michalowski.

Another example of a key-motived real estate agent logo.

Examples of bad key logos.

Over to You

There are plenty of neat examples of company logos in the real estate business. Yet, that doesn’t necessarily mean that embarking on a designer’s adventure is an easy task. Likewise, seeing these examples might feel discouraging at first. Indeed, the most obvious objects such as houses, buildings, skyscrapers, building blocks, and keys might seem like worn-down ideas. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be a problem for the more creative among us.

As you’ve seen, the best real estate logo is usually the one that radiates an aura of trust and stability.

I hope the presented ideas and tips helped you decide the general direction of your logo design and brought you (at least) one step closer to making the logo of your dreams.

And now, it’s your turn to shine!

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