26 Snap-Worthy Snapchat Statistics

Is Snapchat used for dating or is it just a place to post funny pictures with filters for the whole world to see? If you own a business, how can you optimize customer engagement and what is the most effective way to get your products more accessible to the public?

If you are interested in finding out more about one of the most popular and active social media sites, continue reading.

Top 10 Mind-Blowing Snapchat Statistics

  • As of July 2019, there were 97.55 million Snapchat users in the US.
  • In the US, women are more likely to use Snapchat than men.
  • 45% of teens preferred Snapchat over any other social network in 2018.
  • Typically, users spend around 34.5 minutes on the application daily.
  • Videos on Snapchat get more than 10 billion views each day.
  • According to Snapchat rates, the redesigned Snapchat application received a staggering 83% negative reviews from users.
  • Around 37% of Snapchat users live in urban areas.
  • As much as 60% of Snapchat users utilize the Snapchat camera on a daily basis.
  • Snapchat was the 3rd most downloaded app for iOS in 2018.
  • Statistics reveal that 64% of companies, such as Nike and Audi, are on the platform.

Snapchat Statistics By Country

1. Globally, Snapchat had 210 million daily active users during the third quarter of 2019.


Daily active user figures on the application show that there is an increase in user count compared to the third quarter of 2018 when there were “merely” 186 million active users. Based on data from a recent survey, the application scored 71 points (out of 100) in terms of consumer satisfaction.

2. As of July 2019, there were 97.55 million Snapchat users in the US.


According to statistics on Snapchat users from 2019, most users come from the US, followed by France (20.3 million), and the UK (18.15 million). Other countries that are known for their love of said platform include Brazil (16.95 million users), Saudi Arabia (15.4 million users), and India (15.1 million users).

3. Young individuals between 12–25 years of age account for 86% of Snapchat users in Sweden.


According to Snapchat age demographics in Sweden, at the end of 2019, the majority of active users were individuals between 12–25 years of age, whereas 52% were individuals between 26–35. These statistics show that the platform became popular in 2019, compared to 2015 when only 21% of interviewed individuals used the application.

4. The Latin American country with the most Snapchat users as of January 2019 was Mexico, with 10.9 million users.


Based on stats about Snapchat users by country, most users were observed in Mexico, followed by Brazil (9.9 million), and Colombia (only 2.85 million, when compared to the previous two). Also, some 2.75 million users were from Argentina and a mere 1.4 million from the Dominican Republic.

5. In the US, women are more likely to use Snapchat than men.


Stats from a 2019 survey found that 31% of American female internet users are more likely to use Snapchat, compared to male users (16%). The survey also found that 74% of the American users on Snapchat use the platform to keep in touch with close ones.

6. Based on Snapchat usage statistics from 2019, 23.3% of American Snapchat users are intense users.


What does this percentage mean? As of July 2019, it was shown that these American users constantly accessed the application for more than two-thirds of a single month. Furthermore, 33.1% of American Snapchat users accessed the application via their Android devices.

7. 45% of teens preferred Snapchat over any other social network in 2018.


According to stats on Snapchat user demographics by age in the US, almost half of the teens claimed they preferred Snapchat, whereas 26% put Instagram as their second favorite choice. Other social networking sites that American teens also liked include Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest — 9%, 8%, and 1%, respectively.

Statistics on Snapchat Accounts

8. 63% of users log into Snapchat daily, whereas 41% do so a couple of times a day, according to Snapchat trends.


Even though the statistics for Facebook and Instagram are slightly higher when it comes to daily usage, the numbers show that the daily usage for Snapchat is also impressive. Furthermore, around 60% of users use it only weekly, whereas around 30% use it less than that. In comparison, around three-quarters of users on Facebook and six-in-ten users on Instagram visit these platforms at least once a day. Furthermore, rudely, 86% of people check their phones even when talking with friends and family.

9. Typically, users spend around 34.5 minutes on the application daily.


If we look at some of the latest Snapchat statistics from 2018, it is evident that Snapchat addiction is a real thing; based on data, the average Snapchat user spends 2 minutes more on the app, compared to the typical Instagram user (32 minutes daily).

10. On average, users send 34.1 messages daily.


The same findings also show that in mid-September, around 125 million individuals were making new snaps every day on the application. Back in late April, fewer people were creating new daily Snaps — 120 million to be exact.

11. Videos on Snapchat get more than 10 billion views every day.


Interesting facts about Snapchat show that “Spectacles” (smart glasses with a camera) were introduced to the Snapchat community in 2018 by Snap Inc., with the clear goal to up the number of videos on the platform. Unfortunately, this innovative product did not sell well (it sold barely over 200,000 units), and it was considered a total flop. Nevertheless, the high number of Snapchat video views is not surprising, considering how popular the puppy-eared filter has become.

12. According to Snapchat mobile account stats, the platform was ranked as the second-best messaging app on mobile devices with 28.7% reach in 2018.


Even though there are numerous applications available for free messaging such as Whatsapp, Skype, and Viber, the statistics from May 2018 show that the most popular choice for messaging is Facebook Messenger, followed by Snapchat.

13. The redesigned Snapchat application received 83% negative reviews from users.


According to Snapchat statistics, some of the newest features of Snapchat which users disliked were the brief, yet unskippable, adverts. However, what users did not realize is that Snapchat attempted to make a profit by giving advertisers about 6 seconds of screen-time.

14. Snap Maps are used by 19 million users every day.


Nevertheless, one novelty users did, in fact, like was Snap Maps; this feature lets users share their location with their close ones, as well as their personal Bitmoji on the map. According to Snapchat stats, users also liked the addition of Lens Studio, a feature that allows people to create 3D emojis. In fact, there are 70 million Lens Studio users on Snapchat who are active every day.

15. 37% of Snapchat users live in urban areas.


However, the stats show that the platform is becoming increasingly popular in rural areas as well. In fact, 26% of internet users in America who use Snapchat live in rural places.

16. Over 2 million snaps are being shared by Snapchat users every single minute.


App usage stats claim that 18 to 24-year-olds spend 3 hours a day using apps – and a lot of that goes to Snapchat. According to crazy Snapchat facts, on average, millions of disappearing messages are sent daily; compare this figure with popular sites such as Twitter (473,400 new tweets), Skype (176,220 sent and received calls), and Netflix (100,000 hours of streamed video content).

17. Daily, 60% of Snapchatters utilize the Snapchat camera.


In other words, almost 95 million users use the Snapchat camera on a daily basis by adding puppy ears, flower crowns, or rainbows to images. Snapchat stats reveal the company pays Google $2 billion for its cloud storage, so users do not need to worry about the size of data.

18. A shocking 93% of Snapchat users send snaps of their drink or food.


Even though almost all Snapchatters send Snaps of their drink or their meal, some prefer sending more explicit messages. In fact, 15% of Snapchat users use this social media platform to send nudes.

19. Based on Snapchat statistics from 2019, 59% of users claimed to have received explicit Snaps.


This one is not a shocker, considering the percentage of Snapchat users who use the platform to send Snaps of their private parts to others; in fact, the 59% figure translates to around 100 million people! Even though Snapchat is aware of this rising issue, it seems as the company is currently not working on finding a solution.

Interesting Facts About Snapchat

20. Snapchat was the 3rd most downloaded app for iOS in 2018.


Of course, first place went to the notorious video platform Youtube, whereas the second most downloaded app for iOS belongs to Instagram. Apps that come after Snapchat include Messenger, Facebook, Bitmoji, and Netflix.

21. 34 is the number of times the founders of Snapchat failed before successfully creating the platform.


According to fun facts about Snapchat, founders Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel did not manage to succeed in launching the popular platform at their first try. In fact, their initial idea was “Picaboo” — a selfie app which allowed its users to take short-lived images.

22. $158 million was paid in cash to Reggie Brown, the third co-founder to get out of the picture.


According to well-known Snapchat facts, Reggie Brown, the third co-founder and partner of Murphy and Spiegel sued the two for denying an equal stake in the corporation. After the lawsuit against Murphy and Spiegel, Brown said yes to $158 million in cash. In fact, the iconic logo of the platform was originally Brown’s idea, inspired by Wu-Tang Clans’ popular Ghostface Killah.

Business Statistics and Crazy Snapchat Trends

23. 64% of companies, such as Nike and Audi, are on the platform.


The Discover feed on Snapchat is not only great for having your account discovered and receiving more “you are gorgeous” DMs but it is also useful for presenting different content and products by marketers. This way, digital marketing firms, advertisers, and other companies bring in plenty of revenue for the platform.

24. According to Snapchat statistics from 2016, 90% of global sportswear brands used the platform.


Giant sportswear brands like Reebok, Asics, Nike, and Adidas have been the very first to realize the benefits of advertising on the iconic platform. Since the Discover addition was introduced to users, Snapchat is the place all large brands need to be in order to get the very best out of their marketing campaigns. Beauty and fashion brands come in at second place with 78%, followed by watches and jewelry brands by 63%, and beverage brands by 48%.

25. Based on Snapchat advertising statistics, 57% of brands post videos on the platform.


Visual interest is key when it comes to selling your products; according to the advertising stats, the video feature on Snapchat is the most frequent method of advertising products by the majority of brands. As brands realized just how successful videos are at advertising, the percentage jumped from 46% to 57% for all branded posts.

26. The Discover feed is viewed daily by 20% of the platform’s users, Snapchat popularity stats reveal.


If you were wondering why major brands choose to advertise their products on Snapchat, here is the answer: even though the majority of users prefer to use the video feature on the platform, about 35 million people view the Discover feed every single day. Hence, it is an excellent way for brands to reach out to the public.


What age uses Snapchat the most?


According to the latest statistics on age demographics on the iconic platform, Snapchat is most popular among younger individuals. In fact, 78% of Americans between the ages of 18–24 used the platform in 2018. The stats also show that 54% of Americans between 25–29 years of age are on Snapchat, whereas the percentage significantly drops to 7% for individuals who are 50 and older.

How much is Snapchat worth in 2019?


According to the most recent statistics, Snapchat has almost doubled its stock price since 2019, after following a difficult year; the stock price has doubled from $5.79 to $11.28! So, to answer your question, Snapchat is currently worth almost $15 billion on the market, compared to $7 billion at the start of 2019. Nevertheless, Snapchat still experienced a downfall of around 23% last year and has experienced high turnover among its leading executives.

How many Snapchat views is a lot?


The answer to this question is simple: it depends on what you consider “a lot” or “enough.” For example, users with plenty of friends can get around 200–300 views, whereas others who have more private profiles may reach only 10. Of course, there are many tips out there on how to increase your views, such as sharing your Snap on other social media, adding entertaining music, placing creative captions, and trying out quizzes or polls.

How many Snaps a day is normal?


So, you’re wondering what is considered normal in this crazy Snapchat world. Well, according to statistics, the typical active user on Snapchat gets around a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 50 Snaps daily. Furthermore, the typical active teen users on the platform usually get fewer texts than Snaps. Even though this figure may seem like a lot, it is important to keep in mind that a single Snap may be sent to a bunch of different people — hence the number of sent Snaps possibly being lower.

How many employees does Snapchat have?


According to statistics on Snap Inc., the American social media and camera company founded by Murphy and Spiegel in Santa Monica, California, the company has 4,209 employees as of 2019. Just try comparing this figure with other major companies such as Netflix (5,400) and Tesla Inc. (45,000).


All in all, Snapchat, the company that came into being thanks to the minds of three clever individuals, became a billion-dollar industry that’s able to compete with other top social networks such as Instagram and Facebook. Hopefully, the Snapchat statistics and facts presented here helped you gain more insight into the iconic company, its massive user base, and its impressive trajectory.

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