Top 25 Twitter Statistics You Must Check Out Right Now

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Beware, some of these Twitter stats will definitely blow your mind!

Whether you’re interested in finding out more about this popular social networking and microblogging site, or whether you just want to learn more about “tweeting” in general, this article has you covered.

What sets Twitter apart from other similar sites, such as Facebook, is the fact that it is public — meaning, jokes can easily go viral; not to mention you can get in touch with some of your most favorite celebrities in the world.

So, without further ado, here are some of the most mind-blowing stats you need to know right now.

Top 10 Most Fascinating Twitter Statistics

  • 500 million is the average number of Tweets made each day.
  • The United States has around 48.35 million active monthly Twitter users.
  • There are 8.57 million active Twitter users in Brazil in 2019.
  • 71% of American individuals use Twitter to read the news.
  • The site referral traffic of Twitter increases by 6% every year.
  • According to the latest facts about Twitter, Barack Obama has 110.2 million followers, making him the most followed account on Twitter.
  • Ad engagement on Twitter is up by 23%.
  • The Twitter corporation spent $70.2 million on ads in 2017.
  • According to the most recent stats, individuals watch 2 billion videos on the platform daily.
  • The “face with tears of joy” emoji has been used over two billion times, interesting facts reveal.

Twitter User Stats

1. As of 2019, there are 330 million monthly Twitter active users.


It does not come as a surprise that the user base of Twitter is enormous; when it comes to active daily users, the numbers show a whopping 134 million. Nevertheless, the number is tiny when compared to the active user base of Facebook, which comes in at 2.45 billion monthly users.

2. According to facts on the number of Twitter users, the site removed around 70 million fake accounts in 2018.


Bots on Twitter can sometimes be quite obvious, and yet sometimes they can be hard to detect; if the profile does not contain a bio, uses a stock photo as its profile picture, and posts duplicate tweets, then it is most definitely a fake profile. Overall, bots are made to re-tweet, like, follow, unfollow, and send direct messages to other Twitter accounts.

3. Based on Twitter usage statistics, about 500 million individuals access Twitter monthly without logging in.


Experts believe that the rise in the growth of Twitter users will continue in the following years, as there is no doubt that Twitter is an excellent way to promote businesses and marketing campaigns. The number of individuals who visit Twitter without logging in is 1.5 times higher than the number of monthly users who are active.

4. 500 million is the number of Tweets per day.

(David Sayce)

With each passing second, 6,000 new Twitter posts are tweeted on the microblogging and social network, which translates to more than 350,000 tweets per minute. Likewise, this figure further increases to around 500 million daily tweets, and about 200 billion tweets annually. Nevertheless, it is important to mention that there were no significant changes in the figures since 2014.

5. According to global Twitter facts, 63% of Twitter users are between 35–65 years old.


Based on the stats on age demographics on Twitter, it is evident that the platform is more likely to attract a more mature audience than Instagram or Snapchat. Worldwide, 6 out of 10 Twitter users are over the age of 35, whereas in the US, the median age of a Twitter user is 40.

5. According to stats on Twitter demographics, 29% of Twitter users are from urban areas.

(Sprout Social)

Furthermore, the same statistics show that 23% of them come from suburban areas, whereas the lowest percentage, 17%, comes from rural areas. Said demographics also show that the majority of Twitter users have attained a college degree and a degree from a higher institution (32%), whereas 18% of the users have a high school degree or less.

Twitter Users By Country

6. The US has 48.35 million active monthly Twitter users.


So, which country is the most obsessed with Twitter? According to the most recent statistics, the country with the most active users was the US, with 48.35 million as of October 2019. Second place goes to Japan (35.65 million), whilst Russia takes third place with 13.9 million active users.

7. According to facts on Twitter user growth in America, it is predicted that the user base is going to grow 0.3% in the following year.


Twitter will focus more on quality over quantity in the upcoming year, based on predictions made by experts. For instance, eMarketer reveals that the user base of the popular site will not show massive growth in 2020.

8. Based on a 2018 survey conducted in the UK, 11% of respondents use Twitter several times a day.


Interesting Twitter user statistics in the UK show that 9% of survey respondents use the microblogging site every couple of weeks (or less) and 8% use it once every few days. Only 6% of respondents use it once a day, whereas the majority (55%) never use it.

9. There are 8.57 million active Twitter users in Brazil in 2019.


Caribbean and Latin America stats show that the most active users of the microblogging site are found in Brazil, followed by Mexico with more than 7.2 million active users. Furthermore, a survey from 2018 showed that 13.7% of men from 18 different Latin American countries use Twitter, compared to 10.6% of women.

10. Based on facts on Twitter popularity among age groups, 44% of the youth (individuals between 18–24 years of age) in America use the site.


The age group that uses Twitter the most is Generation Z, compared to only 26% of Americans between 30–49 years of age. However, it is important to point out that the same age group that uses Twitter is also more likely to be on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube more often.

11. According to Twitter follower stats, 71% of American individuals use Twitter to read the news.


There are many reasons for using Twitter, such as keeping up with friends, family, and the latest gossip. Nevertheless, more than half of Americans who use the popular site do so because it is easier to access the latest news. On the other hand, 42% of American Twitter users use the site to rant about politics.

Twitter Business and Marketing Statistics

12. 60% of Twitter users prefer all-inclusive brands.


A new study conducted by IPG and Twitter found that half of the individuals believed that certain brands could be more popular if they were to include all services; shockingly, when it comes to Twitter users, this percentage increases considerably. Some 47% of users on Twitter prefer brands that are culturally relevant, Twitter stats from 2019 reveal.

13. The site referral traffic of Twitter increases by 6% every year.


Since the middle of 2019, Twitter is considered the fifth most popular social networking site, preceded by Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and has a popularity that is similar to that of Pinterest. Instagram had the highest referral traffic growth of the lot, up to 56%.

14. According to statistics on Twitter trends, 77% of Twitter users claim that they feel more positively about a brand if they receive a response from them.

(Twitter Blog)

Since the shopping season is in full spring, more and more Twitter users tweet with different brands to get the most reliable info out there about products. Since Twitter users expressed that they prefer when brands reply to their tweets, it is important for retailers to double-check their direct messages and timelines for unanswered messages.

15. Based on Twitter stats, 92% of companies on the platform Tweet two or more times a day.


If you are a Twitter user who does not like seeing too many Tweets on the newsfeed during the day, then it may be a good idea to avoid following companies altogether. The stats also show that 42% of them Tweet up to 5 times a day, and 19% Tweet up to 10 times a day.

Twitter Followers Statistics

16. Barack Obama has 110.2 million followers, making him the most followed account on Twitter.

(Hubspot Blog)

Gathering millions of followers on Twitter is an excellent way to promote yourself and sell your products — hence why many celebrities and politicians spend so much time on the networking site. After Obama’s Twitter account comes the singer Katy Perry with 108.3 million followers and Justin Bieber with 107.3 million followers. Other highly-influential accounts worth mentioning belong to Rihanna (94.5 million), Taylor Swift (85.1 million), and Cristiano Ronaldo (81 million).

17. According to the latest facts about Twitter and tweet statistics, the typical Twitter user has about 707 followers on the platform.


In 2012, Beevolve analyzed 36 million accounts on the platform and found that the typical Twitter user had roughly 208 followers. Nevertheless, in 2016, almost 96 million profiles were taken into consideration, and the results showed that the growth in follower counts was up to 340% since the previous study.

18. The quickest-growing business accounts on the platform in terms of monthly follower growth are Playstation and Xbox.

(Social Bakers)

Based on Twitter statistics from 2019, business profiles with the fastest growth rate are Playstation and Xbox, coming in with around 17,4 million and 13,6 million followers, respectively. Honorary mentions include Chanel (13,2 million), Samsung Mobile (12 million), and Starbucks Coffee (11.3 million).

Twitter Ad and Video Statistics

19. The ad engagement on Twitter is up by 23%.


Admit it, no one likes ads; they are frequently irrelevant and definitely annoying. Based on a 2019 report, more and more users on Twitter are dealing with ads on the platform, whereas the cost per engagement is believed to be down by 12%.

20. According to Twitter statistics, users of Twitter claimed that they spent 26% more time with adverts than users of other social media sites.


The reason why Twitter users spend more time with ads than users of other social media sites still baffles many. According to one explanation, Twitter users might be more curious and engaged than others.

21. The Twitter corporation spent $70.2 million on ads in 2017, based on Twitter stats.


According to statistics displaying the costs of advertising on Twitter (2014–2018), it is evident that the company has invested more than a few million. To be precise, Twitter invested 78.1 million dollars in ads, an increase from the 70.2 million spent the year before.

22. According to the most recent stats, individuals watch 2 billion videos per day on the platform.


Statistics show that the growth in video watching on Twitter has increased in 2019 by 66%. Furthermore, the numbers show that 32% of people use Twitter to watch these different videos.

Fun Twitter Trends and Stats

23. The number one most popular hashtag on Twitter is #ff.


Even though hashtag trends come and go like the seasons, some remain more popular than others. In 2018, the most popular hashtag proved to be #ff, followed by #followfriday, #followback, #giveaway, and #contest. What’s more, during that same year, hashtags such as #crypto and #bitcoin took Twitter by storm.

24. According to interesting Twitter trends, there were an amazing 11.7 million downloads of the Twitter app from the App Store in 2019.


The number of Twitter app downloads showed a yearly increase of 3.6%; this is also the highest number of downloads from the app store per quarter for the platform since 2015. However, the Twitter app is not overly popular on Google Play (it did not make past the top 20), and it is also ranked 16th on the list of most-downloaded apps for iOS. And since 18 to 24 year olds spend two thirds of their digital media time on apps, according to app usage stats, that’s still a pretty good number. 

25. Based on Twitter facts, the “face with tears of joy” emoji has been used over two billion times.


Interestingly, out of more than 3,000 emojis found in the Unicode Standard on Twitter, the most used one is the grinning smiley face with tears, typically used to show something ridiculous. Stats have also shown that the majority of Tweets are positive (reflecting happiness), and the percentage increases over the weekends to 77.7%.


Who has tweeted the most on Twitter?


The most passionate tweeter in the world is @VENETHIS, with more than 37,7 million tweets. So, who is this person? Even though the top tweeters in the world are either brands, bots, or both, @VENETHIS is a real individual from Japan who uses Twitter to find opponents and partners for various online games. However, the exact identity of the person behind this account and what drives him to tweet this much remains a huge mystery.

What percentage of Twitter followers see your tweet?


One of the most frequent dilemmas users might be facing is whether to reshare a tweet multiple times to reach more people or not. In general, only 2% of the audience is able to see what you have tweeted, so it might be a very good idea to share it a couple of times. A fool-proof way to reach a wider audience is by using popular hashtags; these will make sure that others see your tweets as well.

What percentage of Twitter has 1,000 followers?


Let’s get straight to the point: A mere 2.12% of Twitter users have 1,000 followers and more. The stats also show that only 0.06% of Twitter users have more than 20,000 followers. Instead, the majority of Twitter users, 95.9% to be exact, have fewer than 500 followers. According to the statistics, there has been a decrease in users with a maximum of five followers from 46% to 32%, while Twitter enthusiasts with over 100 followers have increased from 7% to 16%.

What is a good number of impressions on Twitter?


Firstly, what are “impressions?” Simply put, impressions are the number of times a particular tweet appears on someone’s timeline. What’s more, it is incredibly difficult to get a fair amount of engagement on Twitter; on average, a tweet may receive anywhere from 50 to 100 impressions, and only up to five likes. So, according to statistics, the very best number of impressions on this special blogging (i.e. microbloging) platform is 200 and more.

What percentage of Twitter users never tweet?


According to some reports, around 44% of all users on Twitter have never posted a single tweet on their profile. Further stats show that only 30% of accounts on the platform have sent fewer than 10 tweets and only 13% of registered users have tweeted 100 times or more. Indeed, the accounts on the platform that do not post at all may be considered inactive.

How many employees does Twitter have?


Certainly, a lot of people are required to run a successful company such as Twitter; According to data from Twitter’s newest SEC findings, there are currently 3,920 employees working for the company. In case you were wondering, Twitter was invented back in 2006, and its headquarters is located in San Francisco, California.


Whether you’re looking to improve your Twitter marketing strategy or you just want to gain more followers on the platform, hopefully, these Twitter stats helped you gain a better understanding of how the viral microblogging and social networking site works. Of course, Twitter is not as popular as Facebook or Instagram, but it is definitely a great place to promote your products, your brand, or simply keep up with the world.

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