30 Of the Most Insane YouTube Stats You Will Ever Read About

YouTube Stats

Just think about it: since YouTube is considered the second largest search engine in the world, and the second most visited website following Google, there must be something highly addictive about it.

Featuring everything and anything from useful tutorials, music videos, and even high-level dramas of cats jumping at the sight of cucumbers, it is certain that YouTube is the ultimate source of practical knowledge and entertainment.

In this article, you will be able to read about the most interesting and jaw-dropping YouTube stats out there. So, brace yourselves, it might get a bit weird along the way!

Top 10 Craziest Statistics About YouTube

  • 72% of Americans between 18–29 visited YouTube in 2018.
  • The US contributes about 15% of all YouTube traffic.
  • The first-ever video uploaded to the platform was “Me at the Zoo,” back in 2005.
  • As of January 2019, YouTube channels uploaded 48,486 hours of video content.
  • 33% of popular YouTube channels are not in English.
  • According to YouTube facts, around 81% of parents let their kids watch YouTube videos from time to time.
  • Google spends around 6.3 million a year maintaining and running YouTube.
  • 83% of the time, viewers pay attention to mobile ads on YouTube.
  • Every day, people watch more than a billion hours of video content on YouTube.
  • Ironically, the highest dislike percentage (86.53%) goes to YouTube’s “YouTube Rewind 2018” video.

YouTube Statistics By Country and Around the Globe

1. Globally, YouTube has 1.9 billion users.


Based on the most recent statistics on the number of users on this video platform, the only social network that has more monthly active users is Facebook; active users are users who log into the site at least once a month.

2. 72% of Americans between 18–29 visited YouTube in 2018.

(Statista; OmnicoreAgency)

Other statistics on current YouTube trends in the US show that men use this video platform slightly more (78%), whereas “only” 68% of American women use the same. Nevertheless, 80% of YouTube users come from outside the US.

3. The US contributes about 15% of YouTube traffic.


Other countries that are major sources of traffic include India (8%), Japan (5%), and Russia (4.5%). Since YouTube is available in 91 countries, it can also be accessed in a variety of different languages; 80 to be exact.

4. According to YouTube traffic stats, there were 245 million active users from India on YouTube in 2018.


Additionally, it is believed that the YouTube growth of active users in India will double over the next two years. Even though the largest percentage of traffic in the country is due to online videos (75%), experts predict that the numbers will continue to increase with the constant improvement of 4G networks.

5. Based on YouTube demographics from 2019, 91% of Japanese YouTube users are aged 13 to 29 years.


Certainly, the popularity of YouTube in Japan is not as grand as it is in the US, but it is still noteworthy. The majority of citizens in Japan who use YouTube are young individuals between 13–29, according to statistics from March 2019. Nevertheless, individuals in their 60s also prefer using YouTube; some 41% seem to think so at least!

6. According to YouTube stats from 2019, 58% of people in Sweden like watching funny clips on said platform.


A survey has found that Swedes are major fans of the notorious video platform; around 53% use YouTube to watch different instructional clips. Moreover, statistics from 2019 also showed that Swedes who were on YouTube were mostly attracted to channels featuring course materials.

7. Based on YouTube age demographics from 2018, 67% of active users in Denmark were kids between 9–14.


YouTube is full of different adverts, commercials, and potentially unsafe videos; however, all of this does not prevent kids from using it on a daily basis. According to the numbers in Denmark, more than half of YouTube users are, in fact, minors, whereas 7% of them are individuals aged 65 or older.

8. YouTube statistics from 2017 show that 35% of users in Italy listen to music on said platform.


When it comes to the type of content users prefer on YouTube, statistics from 2017 show that a large portion of Italy’s population prefers listening to the latest hits, whilst only 26.2% would rather watch different video tutorials. Luckily, there’s a whole bunch of video tutorials on this platform; from online courses and cooking videos to makeup tutorials and software classes.

9. According to YouTube demographics from 2017, there were around 4.75 million YouTube viewers in the Dominican Republic.

(Statista; socialbakers)

Not only is the video platform popular in the Dominican Republic but there’s an increasing number of Costa Ricans using it as well; according to the stats, there are 3.45 million users in that country! Moreover, the highest channel stat in Costa Rica belongs to a channel called Pelicomic (850,000 subscribers), followed by Olivia Kissper ASMR (331,000 subscribers).

10. According to YouTube usage statistics, 55% of Millenials in Australia were active users during 2018.

(Statista; SocialMediaNews)

This means that more than half of active users in Australia are individuals between 29–34. Australian citizens enjoy watching videos and, according to the most recent reports from 2019, about 15 million people visit YouTube each month.

YouTube Channels and Their Stats

11. According to YouTube channels stats, the first-ever video uploaded to the platform was “Me at the Zoo,” back in 2005.


A low-quality video titled “Me at the Zoo” by Jawed Karim is considered the very first video on YouTube and was uploaded on April 23, 2005. Nowadays, the iconic video has more than 54 million views and about 1 million comments from users.

12. PewDiePie is the Youtuber with the most subscribers, 102 million to be exact (or more by the time you read this).


According to the most recent YouTube video statistics, the Swedish gamer, Felix Kjellberg, popularly known as PewDiePie, has been competing with the Bollywood music channel, T-Series, for the title of “the YouTube channel with the most subscribers.” However, fans have taken action and ensured that Felix remains in the number one spot by promoting the “Subscribe to PewDiePie” campaign.

13. As of January 2019, YouTube channels uploaded 48,486 hours of video content.


Amazing facts concerning YouTube content from 2019 claim that channels on the platform received more than 14.2 billion views in the very first week of said year. Based on the analysis, the average clip lasted 12 minutes and got almost 60,000 views in just a week after it was uploaded.

14. 33% of popular YouTube channels are not in English.


What’s more, 56% of these popular non-English channels uploaded one or more videos during the very first week of 2019. In total, only 17% of videos from these channels were made entirely in English.

15. According to stats on YouTube video views over time, 18% of videos (in English) that were uploaded by popular channels in the first week of 2019 were about gaming.


The median figure of views for clips about video games was 34,347, compared to the 11,174 views for clips that deal with other topics. On average, gaming videos were 13 minutes long, whereas videos of other kinds were just 5.2 minutes long.

16. Based on YouTube video stats, only 4% of videos (in English) uploaded by popular channels in the first week of 2019 were aimed at kids under 13.


Even though the percentage may seem fairly small, YouTube video content for kids is extremely popular on said platform, receiving a lot more views than videos for adults. On average, videos featuring kids under 13 are able to generate three times as many views as videos of other kinds.

17. According to YouTube facts, around 81% of parents let their kids watch YouTube videos from time to time.


8 in 10 parents let their kids (aged 11 or younger) watch YouTube videos, whereas 34% of them let their kids do it on a regular basis. Among parents who let their kids watch YouTube videos, 61% claimed that they have come across content unsuitable for young children.

18. 64% of American YouTube users claim that they have encountered troubling or false content on the video platform.


Based on a 2018 survey, around two-thirds of adults in the US have come across disturbing content on the popular platform. According to YouTube statistics, another 60% have seen videos showing individuals engaging in dangerous activities.

19. 50% of Americans use the video platform to master new skills.


According to the same survey from 2018, YouTube is also a common way for Americans to get a hold of the latest news; based on a survey from 2019, 28% of American adults claimed that they obtain news on YouTube, whereas 52% read it on Facebook instead.

YouTube Money Stats

20. YouTube keeps a 45% cut for any ad revenue collected by one video.


Did you know that even though PewDiePie earned $7.4 million a couple of years ago from his YouTube channel, he only received a portion of the money? Not only does YouTube cut 45% off of the total revenue but an additional 30% is paid in taxes.

21. Google spends around 6.3 million a year maintaining and running YouTube.


Maintaining its strong brand is not easy. According to YouTube stats, the annual revenue Google collects from YouTube adds up to just 4 million. It is also worth mentioning that YouTube has paid around 1.2 million to rights holders since 2007.

22. Ryan is the youngest star on YouTube, earning $11,000,000 in 2017 from reviewing toys.


Even though the eight-year-old is currently the youngest star on YouTube, his twin sisters — who made an appearance on the video platform when they were only a couple of weeks old — are also getting major recognition. The income for reviewing different toys on the platform generated a whopping $22 million in revenue in just one year.

YouTube Ad Stats

23. 83% of the time, viewers pay attention to mobile ads on YouTube.


Now compare this figure with TV ads that have an average of just 45%. In fact, a study was conducted on the ways people ignore or pay attention to ads; it was found that ads on TV are too long so people simply take breaks instead.

24. Almost all YouTube ads are audible (a total of 95%).


Brand awareness, consideration, and ad recall are documented by Google when adverts are viewable and audible on YouTube. Based on YouTube statistics, this high percentage can be compared with audible video ads on Facebook, which make up only 15%.

25. The pre-roll ads on YouTube have doubled as of November 2018.


Even though 73% of TV viewers were annoyed by ads on television, YouTube has been feeding its audiences with so-called ad pods. This has lead to over 39% of media consumers claim that they were prepared to pay for content that is ad-free.

Fun Facts About YouTube

26. Every day, people watch more than a billion hours of video content on YouTube.


Youtube has a powerful presence on the internet. The exact number of videos on YouTube remains a mystery since more and more videos are added (or deleted) on the video platform with each passing minute. It is estimated that 400 hours of video content are added every minute.

27. The most-watched video on YouTube is “Despacito,” receiving more than 5.96 billion views in two years.


YouTube trends have shown that the most popular video on YouTube is the popular hit by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee. What’s more, “Despacito” became the very first video on YouTube to reach the iconic milestones of four, five, and even six billion views!

28. A Nike ad from 2005 featuring Ronaldinho was the first YouTube clip to reach one million views.

(HubSpot; SportBible)

Wondering which YouTube video went viral for the very first time in history? According to true facts about YouTube, it was a 3-minute video of the (then) 25-year-old Ronaldinho promoting the latest pair of Nike Tiempo footwear. In honor of the video’s tenth anniversary, the company released a revamped version promoting the special edition launch of Tiempo Touch of Gold footwear.

29. Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” is the video that got the most views on YouTube in 24 hours.


According to facts about YouTube trends, the Vevo record for the most views in an astonishing 24 hour time period is Ariana Grande’s Mean-Girls-inspired “Thank U, Next.” Before the video even got a chance to turn a day old, it reached up to 50 million plays.

30. Ironically, the highest dislike percentage (86.53%) goes to YouTube’s “YouTube Rewind 2018” video.


Based on the latest YouTube stats, the award for the most disliked video in the history of the platform goes to the 2018 version of YouTube Rewind, opening with an awkward monologue by actor Will Smith. Not only does the 2018 version of YouTube Rewind have around 17 million dislikes, but it sparked more hate than Justin Bieber’s Baby video (which currently has around 10 million dislikes).


How much money do you make per 1,000 views on YouTube?


Generally, a typical YouTube channel can earn $18 per 1,000 ad views, which means that Youtubers can receive anywhere between $3–5 per 1,000 video views. It is also important to remember that Google pays $68 to the publisher, for every $100 paid by an advertiser. However, Youtubers who are just starting out need to be aware that it is highly unlikely that they will be earning money right from the start. Do not forget, highly successful Youtubers such as PewDiePie were anonymous back in the early days.

How long should a YouTube video be in 2019?


If you are trying to upload a video from an unverified account (which is probably the case when you first start uploading on YouTube), then you will be able to upload videos that are up to 15 minutes long. YouTube users who want to publish longer clips need to verify their accounts and click on the “increase your limit” button to be able to upload longer content.

How many subscribers do you need to get paid by YouTube?


Up until now, YouTube required content creators to get at least 10,000 public views from channels in order to receive payment. However, nowadays, channels need at least 4,000 hours of overall watchtime and a minimum of 1,000 subscribers within a period of a year. Furthermore, based on Google’s reference sheet, content creators that drop to 999 subscribers in a couple of days will still get paid, unless they remain at that figure for more than a month.

Which country uses YouTube the most?


Based on statistics from 2018, YouTube usage is most prevalent in the US, with more than 180.7 million active YouTube users in total. What’s more, YouTube has been considered the most popular music and video app on mobile phones in the US as it was used on more than 62% of devices. Also, the US is considered the primary source of traffic on the video platform (15%), followed by India and Japan, 8% and 5%, respectively.

Who is the highest-paid Youtuber?


The richest Youtuber is the beauty guru and singer, Jeffree Star, who’s current net worth is claimed to be $50 million. Jeffree Star can not only boast about his increasing YouTube popularity but also his highly successful makeup line, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. The makeup empire he managed to build made him one of the top influencer brands currently in existence.


All in all, YouTube has revolutionized the way humans share knowledge and acquire new skills. The popular video platform also helps connect like-minded individuals, not to mention that it is one of the primary sources of entertainment. Hopefully, these YouTube stats helped you find out more about this highly addictive video platform. Have a pleasant day!

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